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The Guardian festival blog: Unsound and Semibreve: the festivals that dream a better world in sound | Music

Spend long enough at avant-garde electronic music festivals and, like the raver character in Spaced who dances to the beep of a pedestrian crossing, you start hearing music in everything. Brakes on a train, wind through a doorway … after Unsound in Krakow, Poland, and Semibreve in Braga, Portugal, you can even convince yourself that your local shopping centre is actually an elaborate sound collage lampooning the cacophony of commerce.

Every autumn these festivals head to the coalface of today’s music scene, where ideas and aesthetics are mined and sent up to the mainstream – and yesterday’s aural trash is repurposed as today’s treasure. A keystone act at both festivals was Visible Cloaks, a Portland duo playing ambient music using software alongside voice, glockenspiel and a kind of electric clarinet that resembles a high-end sex toy. Following on from the vaporwave scene and producers like James Ferraro and…


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