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The Guardian festival blog: George Ezra at Glastonbury 2019 review – sunbeam blast of charisma | Music

By rights, George Ezra should live squarely in the same bracket as Ed Sheeran, Paolo Nutini, James Morrison and all those ordinary blokes called Tom who litter the upper reaches of the charts: largely inoffensive, unless you perceive inoffensiveness as an offence itself, in which case he makes devil music. He writes tunes to soundtrack barbecues in the Home Counties, where he is from. Bit bluesy, bit brassy, high on bonhomie, exhibits a genuine fondness for the work of Mumford and Sons. He is incredibly nice, and although funny enough to land himself an invitation to guest on Vic and Bob’s Big Night Out, not, like, Lewis Capaldi funny in a way where it constitutes a key part of his #brand. And yet, and yet, something about Ezra is irresistible.

Yes, you cold get annoyed with the bluesman shtick, especially when he starts one track by singing through an old victrola, his voice – which he deepened intentionally in his teens…


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