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The Guardian festival blog: Friday daytime at Glastonbury 2019 – follow all the action live! | Music

King Princess reviewed

King Princess performing at the Park stage at Glastonbury 2019

Photograph: Laura Snapes/The Guardian

The Fiona Apple vibes are strong this weekend: Billie Eilish’s showtunes side owes a debt to the LA songwriter, as does the finely wrought melancholy of young New Yorker King Princess. KP – aka Mikaela Strauss – was only born in 1998, but her music is steeped in 90s angst, all gritted-teeth delivery and shimmering soft rock, with an All Saints-style crop top and low slung baggy jeans to match.

But she’s just as much a product of her era, subverting traditional torch songcraft further by centring her perspective as a queer woman – 1950 is a heavenly devotional to a lover and also a tribute to the pioneering lesbians of the past who had to love in secret, and a gorgeous singalong moment. Then there’s Pussy is God, a self-explanatory number that hews closer to low-key contemporary R&B – although it’s a little…


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