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The Guardian festival blog: Euphoria here we come! Fatboy Slim on his ‘silent’ Ibiza film with Julien Temple | Music

Superstar DJ Fatboy Slim was recently thinking about – and questioning – what it is he does. “I’m just a middle-aged man playing a lot of loud squelching noises to young people, waving his arms around in the air. What really is that?” he asked himself.

But then it does make them dance and smile, and he, Norman Cook, still enjoys doing it. “It’s not what I would have chosen to be doing at this age” – 55 – “but I’m loving it so much. It’s the best job in the world because I love music, and my love of music involves sharing it with people.”

Is it not boring, doing it sober and drug-free, which he has been for a decade now? “I’m a bit like a vampire. I vicariously get my kicks, but instead of suckling the blood of the young, I absorb their sweat. My secret of eternal youth is being around young people having fun. It’s a kind of serotonin-adrenaline-pheromone mix they give off.”

And he taps into…


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