The Guardian festival blog: Anne-Marie: ‘I’ve looked inside a festival loo before … not nice’ | Music

Had you been to many festivals before being asked to actually sing at one?
When I was 18 I went to V festival because my friend had split up with his girlfriend and he needed someone to go with. I loved the staying in the tent bit and seeing loads of different artists in one night. I just never really had the passion to do that every week at a different festival. It was very wet and you’d be freezing going to sleep at night then you’d wake up sweating. The toilets are a bit rank. But it was an experience!

If you dropped your phone down a festival toilet, would you attempt to retrieve it?
[Immediately] No. No.

Even if you can’t find your friends for the rest of the festival? There’s anti-bac on hand.
Oh God, have you looked down one of those holes before? I still don’t think I could. It would actually be in the shit. I’ve looked down those holes before and they’re not nice. I’ll just make some new friends.

If you…


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