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Slaves view from the BBC Radio 1/NME stage

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Slaves view from the BBC Radio 1/NME stage

Slaves view from the BBC Radio 1/NME stage



25 Responses

  1. Chrissie Webber says:

    Mark Augustus

  2. Jake Micklewright says:

    Shame it sounded crap; did the sound guy have ears?

  3. Josh Barker says:


  4. Alice Jones says:

    Paige Lee

  5. Toni Webb says:

    This wasnt reading 2015 surely, looks dif 😕

  6. Matthew Smyth says:

    Dat was us Robyn. 😘

  7. Nick Williams says:

    Paul Hunt Harrison Taz Martin Lewis Yaxley

  8. Jonny Edwards says:

    Reading using slaves 😮

  9. Kate Birch says:

    Mollie Soulsby Hannah Wilson omgomgomgomg

  10. Martin Webb says:

    Amanda Webb

  11. James Mathias says:

    Tom Scurlock I can see a foot in the air, is that you?

  12. Callum Woods says:

    Alfie Hansen remember😉

  13. Mel Currell says:

    Gee Peers we were here 🙋🏼🙋🏼

  14. Ryan David Charrington says:

    Jake Fitzpatrick 😍😍

  15. Marcus Roberts says:

    Jack Thomas Rhys Sullivan if you look closely you can see me collapsing

  16. Stuart Waddell says:

    Chloe Waddell we were in there somewhere

  17. Louise Goodenough says:

    I was there!!!😜

  18. Chloe Venn says:

    Liam McGlynn

  19. Cameron O'Hagan says:

    Sarah Morrow

  20. Emma Morgan Hayes says:

    Abigail Annabel made it !!

  21. PJ Tierney says:

    Kaine Gamble

  22. Charlie Dale says:

    Chloe Wardell if you zoom in enough I’m p sure u can see us arguing and me crying 😉

  23. Bendik Sæther Wessel says:


  24. Alex Moorlen says:

    Ben DanceAbi Meredith Miller

  25. Karolina K-w says:

    Paulina Jaffke my gdzies tam w tyle pilysmy pifko 😃

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