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It’s that time again…
Who were your favourite acts this year?
Unearthed any new musical delights recently that have Shambala written all over them?
Who would YOU like to see on stage, creating the soundtrack to next year’s adventures?

If you’re in a band yourself and would like to perform at Shambala 2018, applications will open our website in the next month or so, keep your peepers properly peeled.

Shambala Festival


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Shambala Festival

Fancy teaching Shambala to sing, drum, pluck and strum? Here's your chance!
We welcome workshops of all ilks, from beginner to more advanced sessions, audiences with artists, and talks. There is often the opportunity to perform in addition to running workshops. Find out more and get your applications in, here:
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Shambala 2018: Music & Voice Applications are open!


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Lewys Stocks for Shannon

Sarah Clare 🙂

Phwoar. This right here, is what we call a match made in party heaven. Slamboree to headline Swingamajig 2018. Tickets currently just £25 - come party with us in Birmingham, this May!

IT'S HEADLINER TIME! Join us in punching the air in excitement, as we reveal our 2018 headliner... Slamboree!

This rabble of entertainers, daredevils and incredible musicians create a wall of noise that ricochets between Balkan, gypsy and folk flavours, infused with a roof-shaking dose of breakbeat, drum & bass, techno, electro and dub. Chuck all that in a haunted blender with an actual real-life circus and you've almost (almost!) got Slamboree. This is going to be utterly ridiculous.
Not booked yet? Tickets currently just £25 - what are you waiting for?

- Music - 'I Hate Myself' - Slamboree -
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  1. Im going to start learning to dj, can shambala be my first gig please. i love it there its a special place. it would be a dream come true to do a fluffy set in the woods 💚💚💚

  2. Solana, rising Appalachia!! holy moly and the crackers, undercover hippy, Duncan disorderly, the Eskies, the inexplicables, papa le gal, King porter stomp, beans on toast… Would be awesome!! Thanks SO much xx

  3. You know what, I just spent 10 minutes writing out my dream wishlist and have just deleted it. I’ll leave ti to Shambala to surprise me. Been going for like forever and pretty well every year it’s been a band or DJ that I knew little or nowt about that that’s blown me away. I honestly miss the days when the line up wasn’t released and you only found out who was playing until we got there. xx

  4. Oh please, oh please, oh PLEASE can you see if Tribe of Frog could do a set somewhere? 🐸 I keep asking and they would be brilliant in the Botanical Disco or the Woods or by the lake. They look very pretty 🐸 as well as sounding pretty damn fantastic and there isn’t any music quite like their’s yet.

  5. Shambala, bring some friggin techno back!!!! Please!!! Need some chunky beats at this festival that are not Drum n’ Bass

    Oh, and please please please no Grime/Foreign Beggars again, it seemed to attract a bit of the wrong crowd this year. We want lovely ravers, not Boomtown roadmen at Shambala ❤

  6. The Beatbox Collective were amazing! Showhawk Duo, EDL again, Night Owl again, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Craig Charles, Massive Attack, Funkadelic & can we expand Botanical disco please…more Disco, more funk 💜

  7. 2017 highlights were Henge, My Baby and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (when they finally arrived) – for 2018 Cymande would be ace for some nostalgia – or if you had the budget – Nile Rodgers/Chic..

  8. You guys always nail it but my comments would be Please keep the botanical disco it was so good this year maybe make it bigger? and please can there be less dark trace/ techno in the woods – it’s so magical there it needs something fun and uplifting there especially earlier in the night when people take their kids along – Can u get a band like Justice those kind of funky, jazzy uplifting beats would go down a treat as another option other than d&b or grime later in the eve Thankyou

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