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We have no words – so have some pictures instead whilst we try to string together some sentences that do justice to the magic and sun-soaked, giddy wonder of the past few days.

If you can sum up this year’s adventures in your own words, we’d love to read them. We love you. x

Shambala Festival


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4 days ago

Shambala Festival

⭐️ Calling all Shambala families! ⭐️
Tickets for our beloved little sister event, Starry Skies, go on sale at 7pm tomorrow (Friday 8th December). If your little ones are happiest when scaling trees, building dens, toasting marshmallows and roaming wild and free through the woods and under the stars - this one is for you. We only have space for 250 families, so snap up your spot quick! Dates are 8-12th August 2018, at a beautiful brand new location on a family farm near the Welsh village of Usk.

Check out this year's video for a taste of what to expect!

Starry Skies
Thank you all so much for waiting patiently these past weeks! We’re finally able to tell you what’s been rumbling behind the scenes...

We’re very happy to reveal that we have a brand new home for Edition Six on Cwm Cayo Farm, a stunning location 30 minutes from our old site - you can find out more about that here:

Tickets will go on sale tomorrow, FRIDAY 8th DECEMBER at 7PM, so set your alarms and we’ll see you there (sorry for the short notice - it's been a bit of a scramble!) more information on prices can be found here:

To whet the whistle, here's a look back at Starry Skies Edition Five - wild days of roaming free, through the woods and under the stars.

Music - Tantz - Etrog Pomander
Video - Skewiff
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Starry Skies


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Dill Garland Dale

Sarah Wilson didn't realise shambala did a whole festival for kids. Looks awesome!

I knows it.. been watching this one... it’s on our Summer list xx

Emily Grey Mel Senior this looks good from the folk behind Shambala. Saw you were all recently thinking of next years kiddy fest x

Hope Woods have you seen this? It looks lovely may be a nice change from the bigger festivals? Evelyn asked this morning if we are doing a festival this summer xx

Anna Shuttlewood Jessie Jane Llewellyn Harrietti Greenie this is a great kids festival were going you guys should come to xxx

Laura Hartley this sounds right up your street x

Kris Denton I Know we can't do next year because we are away already but the year after maybe?

Louisa' Kate would love to take Harper to this when she's older 😍

Emma Queralto Abbi would love this x

Sarah Lawless Johnson this could be a great one for the family

James Gilder really want to go next year. Pretty please.....

Ali Hadlxr Maria Broome this looks right up your street! Xxx

Rosie Hannon Bex Holmes this looks awesome - good cousin times!!

Looks so good!!!

Lisa Duerden you might like this one ☺️

Might go

Ellie Lovett Jamie Lovett one for the future 😊

Sabine Louise Ray What do you think?

Paul James Marshall one for the girls!

Oliver Bosworth looks amazing xxxx

Sarah Abdy-Hayes I recommend this x

I really want to go Lily Alice Penney

Emma Kathleen Tomkins what's all this?! <3

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1 week ago

Shambala Festival

Ooh, this is a fun one. The Random Workshops tent is the spiritual home of Shambala institutions such as Nipple Tassel Making and The Sunday Supplement Cock Drawing Club. This beloved corner of the festival plays host to all manner of activities, from the obscure to the naughty to the ever so nice, and they're taking workshop applications now.

You've got until the 31st March to show us what you've got:
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Ooh, this is a fun one. The Random Workshops tent is the spiritual home of Shambala institutions such as Nipple Tassel Making and The Sunday Supplement Cock Drawing Club. This beloved corner of the festival plays host to all manner of activities, from the obscure to the naughty to the ever so nice, and theyre taking workshop applications now. 

Youve got until the 31st March to show us what youve got:


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What about vagina drawing just to have balance.

Claire Brown Hayley Franc Zoë Laughton we should do this! Shambala is a brilliant festival and only up the road x

Stef Henley - woodland stick bin drumming workshop?! Get thinking man!

Daisy May this has your name written all over it

Oooooooh, we could come up with something surely!!

Clare Julia- I’d love to go deliver a sexual health/ Dec pleasure workshop! I think we’d smash it!!

Woodland walks with Joshy or 18th century wine tasting? 😂

Dulcie Horn can we brainstorm something?

Connie Cramp ummm we missed cock drawing....

Joey Malone get on this with me. We will have a banging workshop with paighton xxx

Ryan Griffin we need to work on a random workshop..

Beccy Last Evans funny after todays chat, this popped up

Are you doing this Luke Sinnick?

charlotte cranidge

OMG! Lucy 😳🤣

Kerrie Ridgway Trebor Llahsram...we could do something!xx

Richard Hepwood Sarah Hodges what can you come up with.....

Jeannie May Adam and Bethany Kate Johnson you should get on this!!!

Harri Rose it is time

Sammy Sea pickling

Janie Dowling ? X

Caroline Jones!!!!!!!

Awen Blandford drum circle?

Tina O'Clarey Amy Douglas

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  1. SHAMBALA!!! My love for you grows stronger each year. So intensely stimulating that my eyes watered at the vivid colour and animated life of it all. Thank goodness we met three amazing girls who guided us in the world of cross dressing, we were free! FREE I TELL YOU! It was an emotional time with my dearest friends. We entered the magic cosmos, surfed the psychedelic clouds and came back to earth only to be greeted by the grooviest of groovy disco atmospheres. Anything goes in the shambalaland and I would say one of the best experiences of my life. Let it all go! Peace xxx

  2. My first shambala and I was blown away by the atmosphere and how fantastic everything/everybody was. Such a perfect weekend 👊🏻

    The closing ceremony was one of the coolest things I’ve seen!

    I so hope it was filmed!

  3. Half a decade of being a part of what create Shambala and by far I thought this was the MOST FANTASTIC closing ceremony ❤ Thank you Shambalalalalala…..
    Big love from Si and Lynny at Beats Working xx
    See you next year!

  4. It was our first Shambala and we LOVED it!! My mum wants to come the next one as she’s seen we’ve had so much fun!! Felt totally safe, everyone being free and themselves. Loved dressing up all weekend! You truly are a hidden gem of a festival!!

    Thank you for an absolutely awesome bank holiday weekend! xx

  5. From the moment we arrived on site we (my Wife and I) were very much looked after. First there was Larry the 61 year old Bristolian Steward who found us space in our camping area which was very busy. Next up Kelly and Luke our festie neighbours who were really nice people. Next there was Stuart who gave us a crash course in putting up bell tents properly (its all about the ropes) Shout out to Rory who gave me an excellent neck massage and also some valuable advice which was very kind. Finally everyone who came along to The Botanical Disco on Saturday night. It was such a great sight seeing everyone dancing together in all their outfits. So many smiles and handshakes as we did our thing. A lasting memory on all levels. Xx

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