Shambala Festival news: VOTE FOR YOUR 2018 CARNIVAL THEME!

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We’re asking YOU to vote for your Shambala 2018 carnival theme. Follow the link at the bottom of the post to vote – Facebook comments will not be counted!
Your options are listed below – voting will close on 27th February at 12pm sharp – shortly after which we will announce your winner – and then the costume creation can commence in earnest!

Without further ado, your options are…

A frozen ballerina awaits the turn of a key, to begin her hypnotic, mechanical dance. Transformers assemble around the lake, now infested by a hoard of hungry, marble-crazed hippos. Human slinkies tumble across the landscape, entangling families of marionettes and leaving the rag dolls in stitches. A communal step back to those halcyon days of childhood, when the worst that could happen was stepping barefoot on lego.

At a secret location in Northamptonshire, scientists have reported a serious rip in the space time continuum, with creatures and characters both historic and prehistoric pouring in for the party of the centuries. Viking hoardes are sailing across the lake, Victorian urchins are queuing up for rides on a woolly mammoth and we’re sure we just saw Cleopatra sneaking off into the woods with Aristotle…

An experimental, radical garden of artistic wonders. A green-haus fashion show where giant triffids strut their stuff alongside regal, ivy-covered statues. Think human venus fly traps, troops of iridescent disco dancing beetles and a ballet of nectar-drunk hummingbirds. Succulent crowns atop palm frond gowns. Jewel-bright orchid queens and prize-winning marrow kings, waltzing under a ripe, watermelon moon.

Facebook comments will not be counted – you must cast your votes HERE:

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2 days ago

Shambala Festival

Tickets for Starry Skies - our very own family camping holiday - are on sale now! Now in it's eighth year, Starry Skies is truly a place for the kids to roam free; from axe throwing and pony grooming to mudpie kitchens, treehouse building, barn dances, family raves and fancy dress.

Join us down on the farm in Monmouthshire next August.
Our Easy Pay options enable you to bag your adult ticket for just £50 and pay off the rest in chunks. Under 3s go free, and it's just £45 per child for kids aged 3-17.

Find out more and book here:

📹credit: Lizzie Goldsack.
🎶credit: ICHI - Hippo +47
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4 days ago

Shambala Festival

Beautiful sounds from Anna McLuckie recorded aboard the Ticket To Jam bus-studio.

Delve into the all the recordings done onsite this year here -

Ticket To Jam
Watch "Keeping on Grandpa John" by Anna McLuckie in the Ticket to Jam bus recorded live at Shambala Festival! Full session up now at : 

(Music intro by TWO FACES)
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