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Shambala Festival news: Tickets for Shambala 2019 will go on sale on Monday, October 29th, at 1pm sharp….

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Shambala Festival news: Tickets for Shambala 2019 will go on sale on Monday, October 29th, at 1pm sharp….

Latest update from Shambala Festival

Tickets for Shambala 2019 will go on sale on Monday, October 29th, at 1pm sharp.

🚨 Important changes to the ticketing system 🚨

– This year, we are simplifying things by only offering three different price tiers, rather than five. You'll be pleased to know were are offering way more Tier Ones than usual – nearly four times as many as last year!

– After taking on board Shambalan feedback, we will now be offering 'instalment' (aka payment plan) tickets at every tier – rather than just at final tier prices.

– In a change to previous years, instalments will now be deducted from your bank automatically each month, rather than you needing to log in and pay manually each time.

– We will also be offering instalment tickets for Red Fox Cycling tickets and Shambala Express Coach Packages.

– 'Sustainable' travel packages, e.g. Shambala Express Coach packages and Red Fox cyclist tickets are £15 cheaper than regular tickets – as a thank you for keeping things green – but you MUST arrive on the coach or on a Red Fox cycling tour for these tickets to be valid for entry.

Even with nearly four times as many Tier Ones this year, they are likely to go pretty quick. Please do take a moment to read our top tips for a smooth booking process here – they really do help! http://www.shambalafestival.org/tickets-on-sale-monday-oct…/

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50 Responses

  1. Alison Stafford says:

    Michelle Lewis-sippits they are offering the installment scheme for all tiers this year xxx

  2. Cath Connolly says:


  3. Paige Elizabeth Beck says:

    Connie Cramp Pavi Ramani Stephen Dawson.whaddya say quads?

  4. Sophie Kenny says:

    Martha Henriques Emilija Emma round 2 or something else?? Chloë Kilby you and the girls interested? 🙂

  5. Ben Gittins says:

    Recommendation for you Shambala! Dont allow people to complete the purchase of a coach weekend ticket (which is invalid if not bought with a coach ticket) without also buying a coach ticket! Nearly caused me some serious issues this year! 🙂

  6. Dan Langley says:

    Shambala Festival what are the price of the instalments please?

  7. Emma Kershaw says:

    Jess Botha , Shaun Botha tickets go on sale soon if u guys fancy it x

  8. Josh St Clair says:

    Michael Trzoska Samuel Masters same again boys

  9. Tim Gully says:

    Helen GullyGully Stephen John Harley

  10. Katie Hill says:

    How much are the three tiers going to be Shambala Festival?

  11. Emily Jayne says:

    Liam O’flaherty Matt Shingler Sarah-Jane Villarrubia Rosalynd Key Taryn Gary Pwner get on ittttttt

  12. Finn Halsall says:

    Maya You gonna go this time?

  13. Clare Hughes says:

    Good news xx

  14. Olivia Wilson says:

    Saul Connor Jake Jeffrey we should get on dis one

  15. Rhiannon O'Brien says:

    Alice Barnes Gem Beros Dee Obrien

  16. Simon Naylor says:

    Nuri 🙂

  17. Alexandra Jane says:

    Hannah Biggs Hannah Rich Izzy Lowndes Mary Siwiak-Jaszek Stefan Siwiak-Jaszek Niall Anderson Brown Carmel Woolmington Kae Day Fuji Nanlah Semaj be ready!!!

  18. Lucy Appleton says:

    Rose McMahon Glazebrook !!! You’ll have to be quick for a camper van pass xx

  19. George Elcombe says:

    Grace fancy going?

  20. Craig Kirkup says:

    Hay, as i understand I can get a tier one go through all payment then add child tickets , parking ect? Is this right

  21. Ashlae J Siwicki says:

    in this case , count me in . cya there 😀

  22. Jasmin Wright says:

    Mac Walters are u ready?!

  23. Ben Finlay says:

    Yes. I want to buy all the tickets!

  24. Amy Elizabeth says:

    Does anyone know where I can find the prices please?

  25. Laura 'waffle' Wathen says:


  26. Lisa Kerridge says:


  27. Layla Taylor says:

    Chris Hill wow look at this. We can get tier one installment tickets!! yay#

  28. Sally Waltham says:

    Chris Bishop xxxxxxxxx

  29. Judy Miller says:

    Lisa Mauro-Bracken Helen Sourcey do you fancy this

  30. Elle Jelly says:

    Alice Norris is this Eli?! X

  31. Red Fox Cycling says:

    Looking forward to hosting more lovely Shambalans in 2019… yaaay! 😍😍

  32. Sarah Sees Cer says:

    Bowie Dee 😀

  33. Catherine Kennedy says:

    Deborah Kermode are we going? 🤗

  34. Joh Riddom says:

    Joanne Broome This!!! It’s nearly time – you’d not regret it for a second if your went! And the girls would thank you forever 💫 Come! X

  35. Raymond Williams says:

    Megan Marks I’m going to do the installment plan

  36. Stephanie-Ellen Collins says:

    Melonie Jane taking Alex this year…

  37. Cordelia Walsh says:

    Martha Marf Ruth Faulkner get ready…

  38. Toria Rowse says:

    Prima Giangrosso yaaaaaaaaas

  39. Sally Bramble says:

    Johanna Sullivan they were listening to us talking!!!

  40. Sarah J Breaux says:

    Yuki Hunter should we go?

  41. Esther McGee says:

    Anna CooleyBethan BrooksRachel JacobsenSabrina Eleanor Barclay

  42. Lisa Mauro-Bracken says:

    Oh duh just saw the dates. Possibly yes.

  43. Becky Gordon says:

    Rachel Gordon payment plan or just buy it? Also Shambala how much roughly is tier 1 please?

  44. Sarah Louisa says:

    Mary McCarthy if you wanna go???

  45. Anna Bloomfield says:

    It’s not working…

  46. Phil Winchurch says:

    How much will the tickets be?

  47. Seb Madgwick says:

    Shambala Festival, It’s not fair to invalidate a ticket when someone is genuinely unable to travel on the scheduled day. No one can predict what work/family commitments may pop up 10 months from now.

    I suggest you change the rule so that the tickets are only invalid if alternative transport is used on the same day.

    This will prevent people from being tempted by their cars without punishing people who are forced to arrive later than planned.

  48. Isobel Beere says:

    Jonny Hillson Aimee Debney Taylar W Smith we should get them soon!!!

  49. Tom Stephens says:

    Jenny Turner Mark Mud Mad Turner all the info you need is here, best to pre register now so it’s easier tomorrow tickets on sale at 1pm

  50. Helen Widdowson says:

    How many tickets can you buy at once? In the past it has only been 2. Has this increased?

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