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When we launched our Bring A Cup campaign last year, we offered cup-buyers the chance to add a few pounds on to the cost of the cup, to go towards tree-planting.

Thanks to these donations, we were to plant the ‘Shambala Copse’ – 165 native trees, to help reforest our countryside. The State of Nature report in 2016 revealed over half of Britain’s wildlife species are in decline, and even though the UK has lost so much forest cover, we still have one of the lowest levels of reforestation in Europe. Planting trees is essential if we are to support wildlife, rewild our countryside and combat climate change.

The site is in the beautiful Chew Valley, 10 miles south of Shambala HQ in Bristol. Making up the Shambala Copse is a range of Aspen, Alder, Rowan, Silver Birch, Downy Birch, Common Crab Apple, Wild Cherry, Hornbeam, Beech and Bird Cherry.

As we planted we dedicated trees to loved and lost crew members and memories made at Shambala.

As a living breathing representation of the acts of kindness practised by Shambalans, it is hoped we will return over the next few years to look after, cherish and enjoy this special spot. A heartfelt thank you to all who donated towards this initiative.
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4 days ago

Shambala Festival

Calling all musicians, makers of sound, pot bangers! Applications to play at Shambala 2019 are now open. ⠀

We're after bands that command the stage, can get us dancing with abandon and inspire that specific kind of joy that occurs when chancing across some seriously special live music. Applications close on January 11th 2019, get 'em in here:

Not of the musically gifted variety yourself? Give a nudge to your newly, here-before undiscovered, favourites and get them to apply by tagging them below. ⠀

Please note that we unable to take applications from DJs this time round- unfortunately we don't have the people power to listen to the amount of mixes we are sent - we truly wish we did!⠀
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Dreadzone!!!!!!!! Please please please please please........:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Oh… and where were captain hotknives and Beans on Toast last year? The best Sunday vibes 😀 <3 x

Yeah deffo Goldwater for me.

Jonathan Paul Rusholme Emma Louise Rusholme shall we start a band?

Need to see Goldwater at Madame Bayou's!!! x

Samsara Collective do it! X

Keston Cobblers Club ♥️💕🤩

Jacob Supuki and Pete Jones you'd fit right in xx

Slow Mojo! Get on it 👏 👏 👏

Rye Rye Rye Rye!

Willy fancy bringing your merry band down south? You'd fit in great at one of the late night venues here!

Shunya are amazing, they have supported Henge a few times.

Shambala Festival needs some of the Phantom Ensemble and The Age of Glass for cert 😀 <3 x

Goldwater please

Stephen John Harley - this is our moment. I'll be around to polish your organ shortly

Rosie oi

Kate DarachChris WatkinsRodrigo Bortolin KerrAustin PatrickWill RoperBéa ShantifaTom Camidge

Ilias Lintzos Johnny Kowalski Noblet Jake Cunningham Austin Rover

Amy Bowles 😀

Gillan Mclaughlin Joe Chiari Freddie Freeloader

El Niño Hugh Luigi Macphail Milo Rickman

Sean Peng Eric Thered

Becky TheBullet Thomas ❤️

James Follette

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1 week ago

Shambala Festival

Delicious details of Shambles, once the sun has gone down. Snaps by the mega talented DP Photography. ... See MoreSee Less


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Callum Jackson Agnes Price Bradley Smith n i c e

so honoured that Naughty Morty’s Ska Bar features in these great photos.Massive thanks Dec xx

Dec Place you are a photography magician!!! Beautiful! Xx

Ollie KnightToby WrightHarry Horton so excited already xx

Fabulous pictures Dec Place. Can't believe we didn't bump into you 🙂

I’m just worried about being surrounded by kids!!! Hiccup!

Stephanie MannCarol Kerry !! Xx

Clare McBride, c'mon.

Sue Cattanach ☺️

Adam Thorn Ailish Kay Thorn-Davies Dara Hellier-Smith

John McBride?


Matt Dunn

Amy Milsom

Louise Duncan Shauna Jackson Kathryn Smith

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