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Shambala Festival news: Shambala 2019 tickets on sale at 1pm today!

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Shambala Festival news: Shambala 2019 tickets on sale at 1pm today!

Latest update from Shambala Festival

Sound the klaxon! Tickets for Shambala 2019 will go on sale at 1pm today – watch the countdown, here: https://ww2.theticketsellers.co.uk/b…/shambala-2019/10047822

Once the page goes live, make sure you click the 'expand' icons by the ticket option headers to see the full range of ticket options.
We've made some changes to the ticketing system this year…

– We're now offering installment (payment plan) tickets across all tiers – including Shambala Express coach packages and Red Fox cyclist tickets.
– Red Fox cycle rides will now run from Bristol, London and Sheffield.
– This year, bookers of instalment tickets will have subsequent payments taken automatically.
– We've cut the number of ticket tiers down to three, from five – meaning we've nearly quadrupled the amount of tier ones.
– Sustainable travel packages (coach packages and cyclist tickets) are £15 cheaper than regular tickets – but you have to arrive on the coach, or by bike, for these to be valid for entry.

Booking tips:
– Choose your tickets and click ‘Reserve Tickets’ at the bottom of the page – your tickets aren’t reserved until you click reserve! You then have 15 minutes to complete the purchase before they disappear.
– It is only the early tiers that have such high demand. Concentrate on bagging your entry tickets first. You can log back in for other tickets (car passes, kid’s tickets etc) later if needed.

More info on tickets and useful tips can be found here: http://www.shambalafestival.org/tickets-on-sale-monday-oct…/

God speed!

Shambala Festival


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39 Responses

  1. Emma Davies-Davies says:

    How much is the first instalment on a standard adult ticket please?xx

  2. Marie Gleed says:

    How much are children’s tickets? What is the age range for a child’s ticket?

  3. Jess Bubb says:

    Tim Bubb here is the link, thank you again

  4. Durran Eden says:

    The page seems to be broken from the start 🤔

  5. Kat Pattison says:

    Have tickets in my basket and now it won’t load!

  6. Vu00edtor Diogo says:

    So at 13h sharp I tried to purchase the Tier 1 and just as I was selecting the tier 1 it sold out xD So many Shambala fans around.

  7. Shambala Festival says:

    Still discounted T1 left if you common the Shambala Express coaches, or a guided cycle ride! Look further down the ticket list and commit to coming in a sustainable fashion! ❤️🚲🚌

  8. Jackie Bass says:

    Got my tier 1’s 😲🍾🎉🍾🎉🍾🎉!!!!

  9. McLainey Loo says:

    I had tickets in my basket , went to check out & seem to have only bought a camper van pass! Then I receive an email saying I’m going which doesn’t seem right.

  10. Cecilia Herbert says:

    1st Tier tickets sold out in under two minutes or something crazy! 😱 Your recent email said “You’ll be pleased to know were are offering way more Tier Ones than usual – nearly four times as many as last year.” is this true??

  11. Clare Hughes says:

    Stressful indeed but Tier 1 aquired despite forgetting my password and lots of crashing of payment xx

  12. Jess Holiday says:

    Tickets snapped up at 1.01 😃😃😃 Something to look forward to 🌸💗🍄🌟💥🌈🎇

  13. Nadja Padrutt says:

    Why can I only buy 2 tickets and when I try to buy a 3rd separately Im told I need to talk to customer services???

  14. Lionel Avignon says:

    I was on the system right from the start (before the start) but the ticket system refused to add my tickets to the basket claiming that more adults needed to be added for the children (!!) even though it was all correct (2 adults and 2 children). And then a few minutes later it worked BUT with £179 ticket. So £40 disappeared into thin air causing a lot of frustration! Last year I bought £159 easily. And my total cost has gone up by £60 between last year and this year taking into account all the other price increases!! So much for rewarding loyalty and commitment! So feeling quite disappointed after all the fanfare about more lower tier tickets and improved system! The experience indicates the contrary.

  15. Jay Lucas says:

    Had my tickets in the basket, ticket sellers wouldn’t let me log in to purchase. said my password was incorrect…which it wasn’t.
    Had to buy tier 2 tickets again!!!

  16. Glenda Teifi says:

    I logged in, put tickets in basket, tried to pay and it said I had to log in again, so I tried but it either said website busy or incorrect password… Tried it dozens of times, carefully! password had worked 10 mins ago… Then my tickets timed out! NOT HAPPY!

  17. Sukey Russell-Hayward says:

    Really bad experience!
    Can’t access. Crashes. Nightmare. Does not feel good at all. And soooo expensive this year!

  18. Bridget Tuohy says:

    Get in! #shambala2019 here I come! 2nd time for me at the young age of 58 😍😍😍

  19. Lucy Appleton says:

    Just out of curiosity- how many Tier1 tickets were there???

  20. Lucy Appleton says:

    Just out of curiosity- how many Tier1 tickets were there???

  21. Maya Stock says:

    I’ve booked a coach ticket package, but have still been charged a booking fee even though I was told there wouldnt be a charge if I chose this option? Please could you help? x

  22. Katy Driver Clarkson says:

    Same problem as others on the tier 1 and children tickets. Said 3 max when only 2 ordered. Tier 2 worked fine. Need to sort out these glitches.

  23. Zan VinylStyle Dolton says:

    When do tier 2 tix go on sale??

  24. Cath Connolly says:

    I got tier 1, had some tricky moments when said I had to log in again, even though I was already logged in! Happy happy happy days! I’m coming home xxx 🤗😍😎

  25. Bex Jade says:

    Sadly we won’t be getting the coach next year as this year was so shambolic.

    I went to the pick up at nine and it didn’t leave till 1 , then we got caught up in traffic so I basically missed a whole days worth of entertainment as I wasn’t inside till gone 6pm.

    I do like doing my bit for the environment but spending a whole nine hours either waiting for a coach or sitting in a coach was hust paintful :/

  26. Nicola Robson says:

    E me little famous nephew ♥️♥️xxx

  27. Suzy Sparkle Fairypants-Baggins says:

    Got my tickets!! Yay! x

  28. Sue Stocks says:

    Hi there, a bit confused about the process to get the accessible camping ticket. I have 1 Tier2 ticket (booked online 13:07) and 1 PA ticket (booked via phone 14:39) but the accessible camping is still greyed out. I’ve read the accessibility info on the shambala site and completed the accessible camping form on the shambala site (16:00). I assume that when our ACA application has been approved, the greyed our Accessible Camping will turn black? is this what happens next?

  29. Allie Kingdom-Griffiths says:

    I’m so excited 😍

  30. Stacey Hunt says:

    Is the big top back this year?

  31. Steve Poultney says:

    I ordered a T1 and a T1 on installments. When I tried to pay the T1 full payment had all gone, so I got a T2… only realised afterwards that I’m paying more for my ticket because I wanted to pay for it all now, which doesn’t seem right.

    The only moan I have (which is probably down to ticketseller) is that the site was not very accessible on my phone (a friend had similar frustrations) Most of the screen is taken up with a timer telling you how long your tickets are reserved for, and that message covers any text box as soon as you click to enter details

  32. Gethin Wood says:

    Way too expensive now😭 for a family of 5. Also they always seem to have problems booking tickets and getting people into the festival. Should really have got your act together by now, especially seeing how many yrs its been run at this site

  33. John Muir says:

    clicked on at 1 and got 2 tier 1 tickets – but got bounced out, so got tier2 tickets – but dont mind really as i’ve had early birds last few years and ticket sites crashing on first day is just one of those things. Its about 3 times the price as when i first went in 2003 – but you can see where the money goes – so again I dont mind. See you all in a sunny field next year – and apologies for the lack of complaints 🙂

  34. Emma Kershaw says:

    Jess Botha Shaun Botha tickets on sale guys will be getting mine tomorrow x

  35. Fiona Harby says:

    I was wondering when the accommodation goes on sale for 2019? Will it be announced on Facebook? Also pre-booking for Shambala Springs, just a bit excited and eager for next year! 💖

  36. Olivia Wilson says:

    Vlada Ivanova u going again?? i REAL wanna go

  37. Jennifer Williams says:

    Megs Stewart you guys ever go to this?

  38. Kirstie Brownbill says:

    Ben Brownbill should we take the kids? X

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