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Purveyors of pints! Virtuosos of Vodka! Wizards of Whiskey! Shambala needs YOU! Due to a few cancellations, we have some spots available on our bars. You’ll need to work 2 x 9 hour bar shifts in exchange for your ticket – giving you heaps of time to enjoy the festival!

Previous bar experience (and kind eyes) considered essential. If this sounds like you, follow the link to apply:

Shambala Festival


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4 days ago

Shambala Festival

Whether it's a romantic hot tub for two, a group session for your mates or a family spa session for you and the kids, visitors to the Shambala Springs can enjoy steaming hot tubs, hot and cold showers, a wood fired sauna, cold plunge pool, Moroccan relaxation lounge, table tennis and our lakeside deck! Book your spot here: ... See MoreSee Less

Shambala Springs bookings now open!


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Nikki Davies Peggy Susan Murphy Mollie Halligan we need to book this for one day xx

Clare Hughes Fiona Winter MenziesRuth McCutcheonKaty Woodington .. should we book for the Sunday afternoon? X

Liz Elliott go on then

Sally Crowther Alexis Parker Jo Budge Sarah Clarke Repeat performance?! Might have to go in shifts if D doesn’t come x

Clare Fletch, Karen Chesters, Lexi Losin? Family spa?

Angharad Phippen shall we book this for one day?

👐 me and Rach loved it last year so we've got another slot 😎 any word for Fat Freddy's Drop performing?? They're perfect for Shambala Festival 📯🎷🎺

its already booked for 2 sessions Andrew and Elly Perkin xx

Pete Wobbeygong 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️

come on lads Alice Houbart Chloe Goldman Christabel Rose

Lauren Saunders

Rosie Edwards Amanda Merrick

Simon Pole Jonnie Davis Sarah Hollowell Colin Potts Bean McCall !!!!!

Richard Thomas

Calum McGregor

Brook Newland

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5 days ago

Shambala Festival

Never before in our 17 year history have we had to issue a ticket warning in February, but we can now confirm that less than a quarter of tickets remain for this year's festival. Ticket sales so far have smashed all of our previous records into smithereens, so if you're yet to book, we very strongly urge you to get a wriggle on! Grab yours here:
... See MoreSee Less



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Can I have one for free? I'm desperately broke but good to have at a party...

Bought mine in October! I was born ready for my first shambala!

wiggle or wriggle or both with a shimmy?

quick question... I presume trailer tents are classed as live-in vehicles/caravans?

Thanks for sharing shambala. Can you keep up with the ticket reminders for us slow people. Thanks. Love you xx

Rae Oswald, Rachel Singleton, Denis McFadden, Dana Guba, Rubin Amsalem Lisa Modiano Cleo Yuki Goodall - for beth?

We're going 👍😁again!!

What are the dates can’t see it anywhere

Shambala I love you! And I miss you, had to have a couple of years out being away and was so excited to come this year But with tickets going up in price every year and early birds selling out so fast, it so hard to afford/buy tickets. Will be the first time coming as a family and finally had enough to buy the deposit tickets but they have sold out! I can’t work or volunteer as I have a small person to look after. I really hope they don’t sell out before I can afford a full ticket.

Wow, worked there for last 3 years but haven’t heard about this year as it’s early what shall I do

Freddie Ronchetti Georgie Francesca Ciara Mcdermott !!!!

Rachel Gibbs 😯

Ellen Hughes Christian Meßfeldt Peter Adam Kopp

Tiffany Iliff can you recommend this to Hannah. It is a eco/ vegan/ veggie festival, local to us and is really good. She would love it!

Think we can swing the dates and go this year to this? Xx

Emily Patsy Holli are you three sorted?

Ricson Rejimon get on it it’s a bless festival and ya won’t regret it 😉

Doris Bowlmeister, Emma Louise Rusholme, Jonathan Paul Rusholme do we have a plan for anything this yr?? 😄 xx

Greg Harris I get paid next Friday shall we get some tickets?

Charlotte Bay Annabel Jennings Ben Rizza Jean Finch Sarah Lamb Hollie Braithwaite.... Just saying

So glad we got ours Simmone Shearn Can't wait! 🙂

Ema are you going this year???

Phil Davids this is basically our birthday. I think we should have a group meeting and discuss with Lucy and Dan xx

Anna Luce Nic Butcher Toby Lowe Hannah McDonald ... probably already got this, but a reminder if you were considering it this year. Would be pleasant.

Lucy Hawker!!! (I can't tag Jo cause we're not facebook friends still!) DINOSAUR DAY - Do it! 🙂

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  1. I see that kind eyes are required for the bar staff. Do the people that are bludgeoning the squirrels to death need kind eyes too?
    If they’re not being bludgeoned how are you going to do it, and do people get to choose the poor animal and see it being killed and cooked before eating it? Please don’t go ahead with this merciless, unnecessary exhibition of cruelty.

  2. Could the people whining about the eating of invasive species kindly join the equally idiotic fuckwits who complained about not being able to get cow-based burgers and just sod off. Shambala is trying to engage us in an informed and difficult debate without entrenched idiots trying to see who can shout loudest.

  3. I would sooner expect Nigel Farage to be a king rather than Shambala Festival to promote the same nonsense as spread by organisations living off killing wildlife in the UK.It’s a disgrace but apparently we live in such times when scientific facts don’t matter, only propaganda. If anyone wants to read about real reasons of red squirrel population decline, I recommend this:

  4. Yeahhh so I’ll be running this.
    Sadly no one thought to get me a ticket though…
    Ideas folks? That doesn’t involve any more energy than holding a space to talk about mortality and morality x
    Ps I’m vegetarian.

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