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From womb karaoke to paddle board yoga, and music workshops to the woodland tribe – with some s-e-r-i-o-u-s dancing thrown in for good measure.

Photo credit: Louise Roberts, Lindsey Melbourne & George Harrison.

Shambala Festival


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1 day ago

Shambala Festival

Bit bleak out there, innit? Time for a dose of pure sunshine and happy faces, we reckon. Shambala 2017 - by Guy Reece of Striking Faces. xBit bleak out there, innit? Time for a dose of pure sunshine and happy faces, we reckon. Shambala 2017 - by Guy Reece of Striking Faces. x ... See MoreSee Less


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Sooooooo sooooooo excited gonna be all work but hoping I get to play out as well 🤣🤣🤣

Clare Hebblewhite Will Kitching Gary Hebblewhite Oli Brown Nadia Skalli excited 😁😍

First heard Abot Shambala In high school but never had the chance to go. Waiting for my son to grow up a little and we will take a road trip to the festival. 🙂

Rhys Davies I fancy this one x

Happiest festival ever! 💜

Needed that today! ❤

Ahhh take me back! 🌈🦄💖✨😍

Just what we needed! Thanks Shambala 😁😁😁


Hannah one day will we get to play together!! You are going to 💕 it!!

Anna Taylor Annabel Rajgor 7 months 😁

When we getting tickets Elle Bowen?!

Awww Anna McMahon we need a Shambala reunion 😍

Beautiful 😻


Ben Saunders get your fancy dress on 😎

Yey! My birthday dream team!! 💖💖💖

Great photographs !!

Olga Ve we going to this already.....

Roll on August

Aliba ?

Daniel Durkin Clare Maunder Milo Forshall

Max MacLean

Jenny Snow!!

Charlotte Lynch Benny Bell Jennifer Ball

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6 days ago

Shambala Festival

Last call for both food and non-food traders! Applications to trade at Shambala 2018 close on January 31st.
Food trader applications can be found here:
Non food trader applications can be found here:
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Shambala 2018: Last call for Traders!


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How much is a stall for an non food small craft stall? X

I have put in a non-food traders application, not sure if it has gone through. Unfortunately I'm unable to do uploads. This is my Bowtop trailer from which I am hoping to do card readings & sell the jewellery I make.

Chelsea Campbell 😜💚✌🏻xXx

Paul James Carden this would be excellent fun. I worked there as a steward one year. They need the bus!

Do non-food traders have to be registered with a local authority? We have always traded at events and have never done Street Trading so arent registered with a local authority. Happy to start registering if it is required though. Thank you!

Katherine India Senior did you apply for eco stardust?! Xxx

Zak Avery what a sexy moustache you have

Laura Messenger

Joe Morgan

Priti Chauhan-Hall

Philip Pybus!!

Jasmin Hussain xx

Robyn Lythe

Joe Morgan

Katie Fleming

Shula Harris

Maggi Magenpie

Amy HG

Bex Richards

Philip Pybus

Ginette Davis

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