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Latest update from Shambala Festival


🌿 We are seriously happy to announce that we achieved an epic 25% increase in recycling rates compared to 2016, rocketing to a total of 91% of materials either recycled, composted or used for waste to energy.* Only 9% ended up in landfill and we aim to make this a big fat zero.🌿

🥦 We also reduced the total waste onsite by 15% overall in 2017 and, in partnership with local organisations, sent half a tonne of edible left-over food to people who need it.🥦

🎪 33 of you left a tent this year (absolutely no excuse!) but overall a massive well done to all of you who used the recycling exchanges, recycling bins, all of the amazing crew working on the Greenbox Recycling team and the tireless Upcycle crew who you may have seen in the campsites – this year’s results have shown that it all counts.🎪

Big love, The Shambala team x

(*56% recycled and composted, 35% waste to energy, 9% to landfill)

Shambala Festival


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21 hours ago

Shambala Festival

We're downing tools at Shambala HQ today to lend our voices to the global climate strike. We encourage those who are able to, to do the same. You can find out what's happening near you, here: www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/sep/19/climate-strike-take-part-how-to-join-global-protests-...

With love and solidarity x

The Guardian
Environmental activists Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot argue we need to restore natural carbon sinks such as forests, swamps and seabeds to help tackle the climate crisis in this powerful independent film by @tommustill of Gripping Films. Find out more at naturalclimate.solutions #naturenow
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FYI Sarah Marsh @sloumarsh is covering the #climatestrike for the Guardian today on the live blog. Send her any photos/ stories - sarah.marsh@theguardian.com

5 days ago

Shambala Festival

Shop's open!
Grab your calendars for just five pounds (they're 16-monthers this year, bonus!) as well as reusable bottles, coffee cups and our new hoodies, manufactured from organic Indian cotton, using renewable energy and printed with vegetable inks 🥕
Once they're gone, they're gone, so grab 'em while you can: www.shambalafestival.org/shop/
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Hi there, I emailed you before and after the festival to say I never received my pre ordered programme. I wonder if I could have a credit note to use in the online shop? 😊

I would bloody love one of the T-Shirts you were giving out at the recycling point. Any knocking about? Thanks

Aww I want a hoodie but I think in men's sizes, even a size S would swamp me :/

ATara and Lex! You can get your calendars!

Amy do you want a shambala calendar or you happy with your Serial Killers one?

Riesh Tafari

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  1. This is amazing. Seeing queues of people WAITING to recycle was incredible! I have been to so many festivals where shit is just dumped everywhere. Watching kids and adults separating their recycling together was also very inspiring. if everyone does something small, this eventually makes something big 💕

  2. Great job. Really can’t understand the mentality of someone bring a tent to Shambala and not taking it home. Its not as if they are not constantly exposed to how green the festival is. Would love to know what they were thinking.

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