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Shambala Festival news: 2019 Ticket Warning!

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Shambala Festival news: 2019 Ticket Warning!

Latest update from Shambala Festival


Less than a quarter of tickets remain for this year's festival – smashing right through all previous records, and doing a jig on top. We're not even half way through January, blimey folks!

We strongly advise you to bag your tickets now before they disappear. We've got an Easy Pay ticket option available for anyone feeling the pinch from the holiday period. These allow tickets to be paid off in more easily manageable instalments.

Grab your tickets quick: https://buff.ly/2skGZ0c

Shambala Festival


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31 Responses

  1. Becky Zilinckas says:

    Daryl Collins

  2. Nina Fairweather says:

    Fenella MawdsleyIsobel Sugden lucky fens offered to take one for the team and do the bar job !! πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½

  3. Wendy Jayne says:

    Wow! Laura Clappison Shylah Turner Glad we got in early!!!!

  4. Ruth Trevor Evans says:

    Liz Pickering Joseph Haigh Lin Ton Julia Wilson Heather Evelyn this is not a drill! Xxx

  5. Hazel Kate Greyson says:

    Richard Thomas ohhhh shittttt

  6. Sam Newton says:

    Holli Patsy Emily Amba Solomon Nathan Charlie Kylie Bethan if any of you aren’t sorted get sorted now.

  7. Charlotte Bay says:

    Sasha Marie Lanning check this festival out! Got a really lovely and fun girl gang on the go for it

  8. Laura Emily White says:

    James Weavin…

  9. Leila Dinari u0950 says:

    Mark Strelow

  10. Arianne Shopley says:

    Xander Child

  11. Helen Rose Poole says:

    This is nothing to do a jig about Shambala, it means you’re no longer a secret!! πŸ˜‰ Please don’t ever let it get to a Glastonbury situation πŸ™ xxx

  12. Emma Lowe says:

    Sophie Tom don’t miss out!!

  13. Mat Hughes says:

    Sarah Jackson-Hughes

  14. Reece Andrew says:

    Sarah Paul Michelle…. sooooo????

  15. Lucy Fiona Hodgson says:

    Emily Dodd

  16. Zoe Williams says:

    Conor J K Bolger

  17. Dryad Oak says:

    Katie Twamley shit, who still needs tickets?!

  18. Maddy Reid says:

    James Stan Stanley – shall we!?

  19. Ruth-Ellen Randall says:

    Ann Brandrick, Kevin Phillips. Have you got yours yet?

  20. Mari James says:

    Alex Ryan

  21. Judith Eardley-Ostengaard says:

    Fantastic and well deserved. Happy New Year to all. ❀

  22. Lucas Thompson says:

    Taymar Robinson omg…

  23. Phoebe Alexis Jackson says:

    Ellie AshleyFlora Sidebottom

  24. Jacqui Findlay says:

    Jay Hodgetts

  25. Claire Thomas says:

    Zowie Coleman x x

  26. Zowie Coleman says:

    Debbie Hogan are you and Alan up for this ?? My friends Claire Thomas went last year and said it’s wicked ??

  27. An Na says:

    Kerry Jmed

  28. Jo Manley says:

    Stella & Jim are you considering it this year?? xx

  29. Alex Hansen says:

    Debbion Currie

  30. Rhiannon Frances says:

    Emma JaneAmelia Cornish!

  31. Aga Jas says:

    No way! πŸ™„πŸ€”πŸ˜₯😀😫

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