Shambala Festival news: 10 year challenge…

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10 year challenge 😉
(Photo credit: Phil Bull 2008 / Lindsay Melbourne 2018)

Shambala Festival


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Shambala Festival

Our Red Fox Cycling guided bike rides depart from Bristol, London, Sheffield and now Brighton. Save £20 per adult ticket by booking a Red Fox Cyclist package.

Take the scenic route, stop at beautiful campsites along the way and arrive at Shambala with a host of new pals - all for around half of what you'd pay for a guided cycling holiday. Find out more about all our bike tours, here:
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Jamey Greenwood Soufflé Washboard

Hannah Bywaters this is a bit of you no?

Joe Hodgkinson plan ?

Siany Mary Taylor Crooks you up for a challenge? 😂

Amelie Lönegren 🚲🚲

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Celebrate 20 years of adventures in utopia with us! Tickets for Shambala 2020 will go on sale ONE WEEK TODAY - at 1pm on Tuesday 29th October. We're pulling out all the stops for this very special anniversary edition.. don't miss out!

Early tiers tend to disappear very quickly, so make sure you read our top tips for a smooth booking process, ahead of next week's sale:
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Chris Hill Aisling Rachel Madden Annaliina Lempiäinen Jessica Louise Turner Alexa Thedicewho Callum O'Sullivan Sabina Blue !!!

Sab Ina

Ross Wilkinson-Boram get on it brotherr

Shambala 2020 Fiona?!

Michael Luke Harper Helen S Ray 🥳🥳🌷🌷✌✌Shambala2020🥳🥳🌷🌷✌✌

Ellie Agnew?! 😝

Sarah Jacobs Lien Noppe Alice Shepherd 20 years gotta be a biggun right....may as well...

Rebecca Rutter Susie Glatt BPK!!

Ingrid Connor....

Bob Persuader x

Stella and Jim is this your year??? xx


Tamsin Ben Oliver Julia Burge

Ben Knowles, Sarah Hollowell, Helen Morris, Colin Potts Donna Grant - what’s the plan? x

Yessss ! Dan Clark David Camara Nicolas Boix Stéphane Hourdillé Franck Sadoun Nathan Sadoun Craig Allen Let's gogogogo!!

Karen Chesters-Channon , Clare Fletch, Lexi Losin— this May be my last shambala so gotta go

Glyn Emery

Hannah Kate Becca Pratt - we on?

Courtney Cooke I wanna go 😕😕

Anna Freeman, exciting!

Rachael Lashley make sure you buy!!!

Camille Lapin Lucy Rose 😰

Luke O'Donnell ♥️

Pia Chipchase Natalie Hemmings

Leanne Harper

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