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Saturday day tickets have now SOLD OUT for Reading ’16 …

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Saturday day tickets have now SOLD OUT for Reading ’16 …

Saturday day tickets have now SOLD OUT for Reading ’16 πŸ™ŒπŸŽ‰β€

All other tickets can be found here – po.st/R16tr



25 Responses

  1. Matthew Neville says:

    Hollie Rixon

  2. Jack Smale says:

    Just went to buy mine aswell!

  3. Terri Cook says:

    KT Ann Leo Paul Alexander Simon Woods Glyn Edwards Guys better get your Sunday ones quick! x

  4. Laurence Schoen says:

    Wasim Baig shiitttt ech mengen mir mΓΌssen schnell man :O

  5. Sarah Slade says:

    Carrie Marks Kevin Kavanagh !! Phew!!

  6. Kieran Wiggins says:

    Mark Jiggens

  7. Kinga Duda says:

    Pedro DaSilva told mamus we need ours ASAP πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. Abbie Louise says:

    Emma Mccance 😝

  9. George Kieran Murphy says:

    Ben Ward hurry up mate

  10. Kaylea Jacobs says:

    Harriet Bell

  11. Angenie Henry says:

    apparently the weekend ones are nearly done too Claudia Estanislao Megan Bissmire 😭

  12. Sophie Chambers says:

    Hannah Rawlings

  13. Kay Shaddix Russell says:

    Chris Frodo Lambert guess ur camping hahah

  14. Kayleigh Mallett says:

    Iain Elwell … did u get yours? Lee Harrington Kent ?

  15. Kayleigh Mallett says:

    Laurence Elliott :/

  16. Hayley Stokes says:

    James Langford!!

  17. Raz Hoque says:

    AdamTownsend hurry up and get a ticket!

  18. Chantelle Jeremy says:

    Rui Jeremy

  19. Agueda Anguita says:

    Chris Holdup ….

  20. Amy Marie Campbell says:

    Hurry up and get your damn weekend ticket if you’re coming Thomas Booton

  21. Jamie Collins says:

    Dan Hammond Kieran Thorne

  22. Katelyn Leahy says:

    Vanessa Creedon

  23. Katharina Herzig says:

    Lisa Wookiedaris gut dass wir sie schon haben πŸ™ˆ

  24. Jodie Brashaw says:

    Megan Cannop you’ll Defo have to get weekend tickets now!

  25. Aleasha Ellis says:

    Vicci Murphy Ty Bolt Claire Davidson noo πŸ™

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