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🎳 It’s our absolute pleasure to have Trupa Trupa join our line up for Rockaway Beach 2020. This Gdansk quartet have been hand-picked by Gigwise just for you lot. Editor, and chair of our live talk about WTF is happening in 2020, Cai Trefor had this to say on the band:

“In my annual search for artists who I think can break in the UK, I tapped up Trupa Trupa about a gig for the Gigwise stage at Focus Wales but it was too late notice. I've been craving to present them ever since. I asked Alex of Green House Group (one of the programmers at Rockaway Beach) to go and see them for a review of SXSW he was doing on Gigwise. He was very receptive to the idea – he saw them nail it there. They were also in David Fricke's (Rolling Stone) highlight of SXSW. With only a Sebright Arms gig under their belt for the UK on this campaign, they're relatively fresh here. And with a great balance between experimental and familiar elements in their sound, coupled with an astute, poetic social critique, they're a real catch. It's a real coup to get them at Rockaway and they'll stand shoulder to shoulder with Cale and the Mary Chain.

Tickets for RB20 available at from just £89pp.

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Rockaway Beach

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... and don't miss out on them blowing your socks off at the Beach this January, it's gonna be a big one.

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Rockaway Beach

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Went to see them I'm Brighton when this was released and got squashed by a load of skinheads. Those were the days. I like too much too young and stuff.

Stupid Marriage! 🙌

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Nite Klub.

Nite Klub 👍🏻🎵

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