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Relive Jägermeister’s amazing #Jagerhaus in full swing at Reading Festival 2016…

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Relive Jägermeister’s amazing #Jagerhaus in full swing at Reading Festival 2016…

Relive Jägermeister’s amazing #Jagerhaus in full swing at Reading Festival 2016 and then check out all these amazing photos > jgr.ms/readingfest � � ⚡



25 Responses

  1. Harry Palmer says:

    Alex Waites Callum Hill Devon Smith Jamie Sibley Jordan Davies Nathan Sibley this is what it looked like ✌🏻️

  2. Jess Selley says:

    Grace Revill

  3. Cal Stinchcombe says:

    Needs to be MUCH bigger next year. Having an 18+ area open late was the best thing about this year.. and the Viper night was too sick.
    Elliot Baker

  4. Gemma Lucy says:

    Matt Mathison can u spot the better courier than u… 😄

  5. Joshua Conlon says:

    Chelsea PowellSkye CleeHannah Nesbitt Sophie CattellCy Marsh This is that thing that was open til like 3-4AM

  6. Izzy Bowie says:

    Holly Denham and Lucy Collins

  7. Charlie Figg says:

    Kioko at jagerhaus were madddd
    Jamie Human
    Lydia Stock

  8. Ben Hawke says:

    Warren Michael O’Sullivan

  9. Laura Wood says:

    Ellis Ward we should’ve gone!😣😔

  10. Leisha Colgan says:

    Chloe Duggleby we are famous wait until about 0.54

  11. Meryl Catherine Linnard says:

    Ellie Drave Owain Mier they had it at reading instead 🙁

  12. Charlotte Macaulay says:

    Heidi Lane highlight of my life

  13. Charlotte Macaulay says:

    Conrad Sedwell jagerhaus jagerhaus jagerhaus

  14. Jake Hewitt says:

    Alfie Chapman

  15. Robert Hartley says:

    Sean McGuigan Hart

  16. Hayley Hunt says:

    Alex Reece

  17. Alex Hitchen says:

    Tom Pick

  18. Jonny Buoy says:

    Lucas Baker

  19. Emma Lalor says:

    Lizzie Crowther Charlotte Legg Sarah Bradshaw 0:12 it’s us ahhahah!!!

  20. Andy Robinson says:

    Emma Brindley the queue was sick right!

  21. Strange Fruit Radio says:

    Trying to keep the #reading vibe alive! Feel free to ‘like’ and listen to the station. Thanks! 🙂

  22. Gemma Lovegrove says:

    Becky Patterson Nikela Dyke Louis Wesolowski Liam Commins Well we missed this place!

  23. Peter Hubble says:

    Tallulah Bird

  24. Clou Nvs says:

    Clothilde Doumenc omg l’année prochaine on y va absolument

  25. Jack Lynk says:

    George Stone Sam Curtis this looks amazing we should ventured in

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