REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS What is your favorite festival and why??

Hi everyone,

We would know what is your favorite festival and why? Tank you everybody and see ya!

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What is your favorite festival and why?? from festivals


13 thoughts on “REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS What is your favorite festival and why??

  1. Coachella gets shit on but they always have one of if not the lineup with the most unique/rare acts on it in the US. Cool art, incredible sound and production, and a picturesque venue.

    Yes, I love small/different festivals as well. But Coachella is the only one I keep coming back to every year

  2. Bonnaroo because it has a special place in my heart. Plus it’s so well run and has an amazing vibe for such a big/mainstream festival. Place is wild and I only go for the experience now because I trust that I will discover amazing music while I’m there.

    I went to Day For Night for the first time in 2017 and that festival is my new favorite. Such a unique and alternative vibe, very well curated lineups and stages (a techno 360° stage in an abandoned post office dungeon is genius). Also, they put so much into providing completely immersive art installations that you won’t find at other music and “art” festivals. One of the most promising young festivals in the business and I really hope they don’t fail from being too under the radar.

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