REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Valhalla Festival 2018 | Festival Gangers #13

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Valhalla Festival 2018 | Festival Gangers #13

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Valhalla Festival 2018 | Festival Gangers #13 from festivals


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SBRola March 14, 2019 - 7:18 pm

So a friend and I started making little festival aftermovies with a little review afterwards sometime ago.

We have made 14 in total right now, with the latest release Valhalla Festival, a big Dutch indoor festival (our numbering got messed up a bit considering this is number 13). It’s all for fun really and we really enjoy making them.



Video discription:

Almost every year we go to Valhalla Festival and since we’re Festival Gangers we couldn’t resist to review one of the biggest indoor festivals in The Netherlands.

With a mixed line-up, a majestic theme and one hell of a venue, we present to you Festival Gangers #13, enjoy!


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