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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Ultra will be cancelled with an official announcement coming on Friday

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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Ultra will be cancelled with an official announcement coming on Friday

Ultra will be cancelled with an official announcement coming on Friday

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  1. Frankapalooza says:

    Damn they aren’t fucking around

  2. snowkcdk says:

    Well time to cry myself to sleep and hope I die y’all RIP that $1300

  3. ccbeastman says:

    fuck dude… there’s a lot of hardworking folks missing their paychecks now. I know a couple folks who have been on build-crew for a couple years. never cared to go myself, but I would work it. that sucks.

    I’m sure plenty of those stage hands, riggers, and climbers have turned down other gigs for ultra, as I’m pretty sure it’s a two or three week build and break. that adds up to a fat fucking paycheck.

  4. StankyDank1019 says:

    We should be able to get sick and die if we want to

  5. awikiguy says:

    Does anyone think this might happen to tomorrowland belgium?

  6. raddaraddo says:

    $9 for budlight, $400 for Corona.

  7. evanw96 says:

    Are people with tickets getting refunds?

  8. sloxer1994 says:

    Ultra will be canceled, Tomorrowland Winter is canceled too. WTF IS WITH THIS WORLD. Festivals are the only escape for some people from daily bs, abuse, negativity, stress and not being accepted or respected by others and seeing canceled festivals/events worldwide is just fuckin sad to see.

  9. JambandThrowster says:

    This is allowing the media frenzy to win. Not cool

  10. NotNotJustinBieber says:

    This will be the first of many unfortunately. I’ve come to accept that Coachella will probably follow suit 🙁

  11. Priv8snoball says:

    This sucks for a lot of people but logistically speaking it makes sense. Ultra is one the biggest, if not the absolute biggest, festival in the country and the idea of 165,000 people from all around the ~~country~~ world coming to the same place, getting infected, and then traveling back home sounds like a perfect storm for spreading the virus.

    However, I’m curious what’s going to happen to other festivals. Ultra has a lot of extenuating circumstances like the locals hating it so some people just see this as the the locals using the virus as an excuse to cancel it. On a more empirical note, Miami is one of the biggest ports in the US that harbors a shit load of cruise ships which could further spread the virus if local residents get infected. I’m curious (and anxious) to see what fests like Bonnaroo decide to do considering they don’t have the same kind of extenuating circumstances being in the middle of nowhere.

  12. easywizsop says:

    Ultra Abu Dhabi was cancelled too. Maybe Ultra is in trouble and want to cash in a big insurance check and not pay any artists? They just needed a good enough reason to do it….

  13. cjdef says:

    When is this fest?

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  15. Educational-Painting says:

    This can’t be true. I get cancelling the indoor events. But the desert is really not a nurturing place for colds.

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