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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Too relatable, way too relatable.

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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Too relatable, way too relatable.

Too relatable, way too relatable.

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  1. Abtino11 says:

    For a club, yeah it’s relatable. For a festival, if you spent all the money and effort to attend just to try to find girls you need a better hobby

  2. kreddit007 says:

    Pitiable. And so true. It’s especially sad when men get aggressive and feel women up.

  3. dunedain441 says:

    The beat for the last guy was pretty good.

  4. SupportBadUsernames says:

    Some bro looked stressed at Buku and I asked if he was okay and he straight up said “it’s just all these fucking sluts dude” I wasn’t in the mood to fight so I shook my head and walked away. Later he was chatting at people in the middle of a set and I asked him to stop bothering women. Mating bros be everywhere.

  5. [deleted] says:


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