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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS This is called an addiction

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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS This is called an addiction

This is called an addiction

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  1. sgt-llama says:

    Some people have retirement accounts,I have ticket stubs.

  2. NotQuiteBlackk says:

    It’s called a lifestyle and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

  3. small___Moments says:

    “Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.”

  4. SlinginCats says:

    I have a couple [of these](https://www.amazon.com/Ticket-Stub-Organizer-Kit-White/dp/B00QMFCDGG) and I love them. Make sure to get refill packs, and they have pockets in the covers for bracelets/printed tickets. I always ask for a hard ticket when the only option is print-at-home.

  5. rednaxela26 says:

    Shout out to the ceremonia wristband. I’m thinking that night may go down as the best night of music I will ever experience

  6. IHateArizona says:

    I’ve got an entire dresser drawer dedicated to stubs and wristbands…. it’s getting out of hand.

  7. MissCeec says:

    I recently bought a hanging photo display to organize all my wristbands! Might as well show it off.

  8. biebiedoep says:

    Lol that’s nothing


    Does anyone else just throw out wristbands immediately after the fest? Also, where are these stubs coming from? Every show I’ve gone to has given e-tickets.

  10. vwb033 says:

    Aint no shame brotha ✌ got 8 wristbands om as we speak and a whole box of festy bands and tickets to shows ive been to over the years. Hang on to those till ur old and grey so u can lool back and remember it was worth it. I love you all! 👽🚀

  11. Cantabiderudeness says:

    There’s a fine line between addiction and way of life here.

  12. Bigblue147 says:

    I have a board with all my bands on it…..i went to 7 festivals in 2018 and have 4 planned for this year plus nectar curated events…addiction is realllllll

  13. Jeremiahtheebullfrog says:

    A healthy addiction I’d say, assuming you drink water, eat health and moderate drug intake. But that’s what life is all about exploration and then moderation.

  14. sexygoddess7390 says:

    I need a festival in my life ASAP

  15. MobileVortex says:

    This is just 1 summer right?

  16. laserguncat says:

    I got a 7000$ cookie jar full of stubs and bands!

  17. JunJones says:

    This is called a recycle bin. Get you a scrapbook, Homie

  18. areciboresponse says:

    At least you don’t wear like 8 nasty wristbands from the last festivals you went to. Every time I see this I just think of 8 festivals worth of grime and bacteria.

  19. purseandboots says:


  20. PimpOfJoytime says:

    Gotta see a festival in CDMX next time I’m there. Look out for a DM from me in January!

  21. OwsleyCat says:

    What do you guys do for a living that allows you to A) Make enough money to attend all these events and B) Allows you enough time off work to attend these events ?

    Unless you’re all drug dealers and just work the location.

  22. mmonzeob says:

    na, sólo eres un mexicano con dinero, no veo la adicción

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