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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS The werkout 2019 lineup

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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS The werkout 2019 lineup

The werkout 2019 lineup

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  1. JonesinForAHosin says:

    The Werk Out coming out of nowhere with one of the best lineups of the summer! Really wish I could make it this year, it’s a hell of a festival. I highly recommend going to everyone!

  2. EstebanUniverse says:

    That’s a pretty cool lineup. Really digging the cover bands. More festivals should have a really good cover band set. That would make for a pretty big party.

  3. Lets_just_be_random says:

    Opiuo was so good at Lucidity and I’m so stoked to see him creeping up the headliner lines

  4. meatwoodflac27 says:

    Heady heady heady

  5. DJ_Black_Eye says:

    I’m digging all the side projects on the lineup. Also, make sure you see Cory Wong’s set.

  6. PrometheYeezus says:

    one of the best run festivals ever and not to mention how good the lineup is. Everyone always brings it in legend valley, sts9 the year I went played one of their best shows ever by far

  7. jcalcerano says:

    Wow Big G billed above STS9, what a long way they’ve come. Overall incredible lineup.

  8. pmgroundhog says:

    This is a bigger and better lineup than I remember seeing in years past. This fest must be doing pretty well, which is rare now it seems.

    Big g, Tribe, opiuo, and the claypool Lennon delirium are all awesome

  9. mac1088 says:


  10. BoogieJeans says:

    DOPAPOD? F**K YOUUUUUU! I already have a ticket to Arise that weekend.

    That’s my kinda lineup, dawg

  11. UKFAN3108 says:

    This looks like a perfect blend of music. Just need to convince some friends to go.

  12. WeighsTurtles says:


  13. DaddyRee says:

    Seeing Dopapod on a bill again warms my heart.

  14. SushiGato says:

    This is it

  15. Lou_Dog38 says:

    Holy shit…. 😲

  16. sammanzhi says:

    Gonna be my second year there and I’m so fucking stoked. Super chill festival, great crowd and vibes, and always a good lineup.

  17. Koucp says:

    I am so hype!! The only thing that could make this better is Twerkapod had my ticket since for a few months and it just keeps getting better can’t wait to see some of you there!

  18. clamps12345 says:

    [dizgo](https://dizgomusic.bandcamp.com/album/deeper) i love these guys, i just saw them on wednesday

  19. dickslang66 says:

    loving the wall set wow

  20. datboiohh says:

    Is this the tranceident’s first set? Big fan of the cheese, hoping this has more of that eoto sound

  21. DJLusciousEagle says:

    Fuck, great lineup. Might have to get tickets to this

  22. Laylapotomus says:

    Kinda regret buying a Bisco ticket😩. Anyone trade??!!

  23. adapt313 says:

    Definitely some cool stuff on here but, in my opinion, this is a hard drop from last year as far as headliners go. Claypool lennon is great but to go from JRAD, umph and lettuce to a claypool project that’ll play a 90 minute set without much setlist variation, bigG and tribe is a huge dropoff.

  24. bluesycheese says:

    I saw Pink Floyd’s: The Wall and got excited then realized it wasn’t PF or Roger Waters.

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