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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Summer Camp Phase 1 Lineup

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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Summer Camp Phase 1 Lineup

Summer Camp Phase 1 Lineup

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27 Responses

  1. idkAboutYouMan says:

    Why is Snails still a thing

  2. Breakfast_Sausage says:

    Woah Billy Strings getting top billing, didn’t realize he’d gotten that big.

    Also see Doom Flamingo at any chance you can get.

  3. flavorO-town says:

    Holy moly. Early candidate for lineup of the year.

  4. pmgroundhog says:

    Not my favorite scamp lineup but its decent. Im sure for a jam fan its gotta be solid. Not sure how i feel about rezz being the main big name electronic act there, with snails being second.

    Hope to see the previous heavy hitters like big grizmatik and pretty lights on the festival circuit again someday.

  5. jaketrillenhall says:

    Jamheads eating. Very heady lineup but if you’re into EDM/riddim/bass I don’t think this is the lineup for you in 2020.

  6. amethysst says:

    PPPP & Clozee 🤩

  7. keplinkeplar says:

    w e e n

  8. Villageidiotcity says:

    I haven’t been here. But I have been through Camp Bisco. I was there at least three times already and it’s my favorite so far.

    I like hammock camping the most.
    Is that possible there?

    What’s the best spots?

    Any advice?

  9. han-tyumi666 says:

    I need Ween to tour errywhere in 2020

  10. Boh-dar says:

    Wow, Dirty Heads above Lettuce? I haven’t even heard their name since 2009. And Houndmouth? It’s incredible how these bands can write one hit for alternative radio that carries their entire career

  11. SLeepdepD says:

    Why does it say Tipper Music? No Dave, just an MP3 player?

  12. stoned_locomotive says:

    Yo I sat down at the spafford set at electric forest last summer. I was trippin out and decided to take a break and couldn’t believe my eyes to what I was watching on the stage. Shit was tight, I recommend.

  13. fonsoc says:

    Bring Rain Gear

  14. foster656 says:

    If they add Goose to this lineup it will be 100% perfect.

    Either way, I’ll be there! Can’t wait!

  15. boofitanditsfree says:


  16. mynamescody says:

    Stacked as always. Ween and tipper. Wow

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  18. _soundshapes says:

    Can someone enlighten me on the Thursday pre-party… Is that a separate lineup that gets announced at a later day or will I risk missing 25% of the artists on here if I can’t make Thursday?

  19. LieutenantTickles says:

    Bringing the fucking heat as always

  20. DarthDude91 says:

    That’s a damn good lineup. Wish I could go.

  21. Coagulatory says:

    Don’t sleep on Boombox!

  22. TheNoblePath says:

    Ween should have three sets

  23. corndoginc says:

    Best scamp lineup I’ve seen in years – looks like I’ll be making my return in 2020!

  24. gensix says:

    I like a lot of that. Ween sucks imo, but Umph and JRAD make up for it. Billy is everywhere these days. Better see Tipper before his hiatus, too. The middle part of the lineup is really juicy.

  25. [deleted] says:

    Pretty weak compared to past few years imo :/

  26. modest_radio says:

    This is a *for real real* lineup!

    Just *Phase 1*? **Impressive**

  27. ownage99988 says:

    This lineup isn’t good but I would go exclusively for Ween.

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