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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Smokin Grooves Long Beach

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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Smokin Grooves Long Beach

Smokin Grooves Long Beach

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  1. reggiehux says:

    I have to be honest and say that I’m probably not the target demographic for this event, HOWEVER…

    My very first concert was Lilith Fair about 20 years ago…

    When Erykah Badu took stage, I assumed it was a good time to get a drink, a snack, or use the restroom…


    She was the BEST SHOW of the night.

    So happy to see her name in such bold text.

    She is awesome.

  2. See5harp says:

    She is still a top tier performer. She may be crazy but she can still sing.

  3. mathgeekmiah says:

    I’m flying solo to the event so if any fellow redditors will be in attendance & are tryna adopt me into their squad, I’d appreciate it lol

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