• Really enjoyed the 3 days but i liked last years location better.

  • Shaky was littt. It had awesome lineups all 3 days. The weather was beautiful and there was more than enough bomb food and expensive drinks to go around. I really like that it was in Central Park vs centennial park this year because of the size of it.
    P.S my boyfriend and I were the people going around scooping all the guys – no apologies if you were one of the victims m.

  • I also liked last location better. No dust!

  • Way too hot for my tastes, but I’m glad it was at Central park because Central has more shade. If it were 10 degrees cooler, I would prefer Centennial. The music was all pretty good, but I don’t like how far Peachtree and Piedmont were from Ponce de Leon and Criminal Records. Criminal Records was a really cool stage though.

  • Haha I loved the weather. Little warm but not in a bad way I got a sun tan! I enjoyed the lineups as well perfectly oraganized. I feel bleep bloop and espically space jesus deserved main stage attention. But with the shade being there it ended up being a nice stage (criminal stage) I did not like this park in comparison to centennial however. The just was just awful. Other than that it was so much fun!

  • I know this has already been mentioned but I had a great time other than the fact it was so damn dusty. Made me sick 🙁 I felt like Centennial was a much more fitting park for a festival.

    Getting into the fest was a breeze though. The new bag policy seemed to be helpful IMO.

  • I loved the park I just hated all the dust. It was awful. The lineup and performances in general were incredible all around. But I agree on the heat. Soooo hot. And I got a boot on my car first day. Lol

  • Security was so laid back

  • I stayed on vitamin c and cold,medicine haha. And lots of liquor

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