Soo I just got done with shaky. I’m headed to hangout fest next. I was wondering how everyone felt about shaky. Any likes or dislikes??

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  1. Shaky was littt. It had awesome lineups all 3 days. The weather was beautiful and there was more than enough bomb food and expensive drinks to go around. I really like that it was in Central Park vs centennial park this year because of the size of it.
    P.S my boyfriend and I were the people going around scooping all the guys – no apologies if you were one of the victims m.

  2. Way too hot for my tastes, but I’m glad it was at Central park because Central has more shade. If it were 10 degrees cooler, I would prefer Centennial. The music was all pretty good, but I don’t like how far Peachtree and Piedmont were from Ponce de Leon and Criminal Records. Criminal Records was a really cool stage though.

  3. Haha I loved the weather. Little warm but not in a bad way I got a sun tan! I enjoyed the lineups as well perfectly oraganized. I feel bleep bloop and espically space jesus deserved main stage attention. But with the shade being there it ended up being a nice stage (criminal stage) I did not like this park in comparison to centennial however. The just was just awful. Other than that it was so much fun!

  4. I know this has already been mentioned but I had a great time other than the fact it was so damn dusty. Made me sick 🙁 I felt like Centennial was a much more fitting park for a festival.

    Getting into the fest was a breeze though. The new bag policy seemed to be helpful IMO.

  5. I loved the park I just hated all the dust. It was awful. The lineup and performances in general were incredible all around. But I agree on the heat. Soooo hot. And I got a boot on my car first day. Lol

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