REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Northern Nights This Year? Lineup Guesses?

Since this year is very different for Northern Nights and they waited so late to start selling tickets, we have only been given the Friday lineup. What are some guesses for Saturday and the rest of the festival? I am really excited. I will be spending my 3rd year there with a very large group in the Redwood Grove area. Only 2 months away!!

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Northern Nights This Year? Lineup Guesses? from festivals



  • Check out the Audiotistic lineup, because it is the weekend before and relatively close by, I’m speculating there will be crossover between the two lineups. Also, NN posted about a dirtybird takeover on Friday night. If you’re not familiar with dirtybird, you’re in for an extremely awesome surprise.

  • I’m so blown that they haven’t released the lineup yet. So frustrating.

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