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NorthCoast! from festivals


19 thoughts on “REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS NorthCoast!

  1. This is the most random assortment of artists I’ve seen on a festival lineup in a while. North Coast has no idea what direction they wanna go lol

  2. I personally like the way the way NCMF keeps the lineup diverse and kinda random. This definitely isn’t their best but definitely some good acts here. I enjoy checking out new stuff that I haven’t had a chance to see yet. Excited for a few acts I have and haven’t seen.

    Cashmere, Vulfpeck, Mura Masa, lil Gnar, Barclay Crenshaw and RL are all acts I won’t miss

  3. Interested to see Polish Ambassador and the Diplomatic Scandal. Supposed to be his new live band.

    Also it’s cool to see Beak Nasty being a mid card. I feel like I’ve been watching him since he was just starting out.

  4. Can people please post where festivals are in the title? Got excited it was actually, you know, on the north coast before realizing it was in Chicago.

    WTF is with the name?

  5. If anyone needs tickets to this message me! I’m an ambassador for the fest and currently have 3-days for $98.16 and VIP 3-days for $189.22 . No other fees/taxes.

  6. Shits a joke all the good maybe 9 artists just spread between three days to make sales . Wyd isnthis mumble rap takeover . Miguel dole . Dj snake is not a headliner .

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