REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Need some help from you guys

by Festival Flyer

Hi there people!

We’ve opened up a new everything-festivals shop, meaning – We got everything you need for your next festival/rave.

We’ve opened it up just last week and we’re looking for opinions, criticism and etc.

The name is [Festive Casa]( –

I’m the owner and I’d like to hear from you people, who’s this shop was built for, if there’s anything we can improve. From adding products, design and etc.

Currently the shop features our own designs (Which will gradually go better), bodysuits, sunglasses, glow, glitter, aid packs and etc.

Thanks a lot! <3

Please don’t be afraid to criticize as I’m really looking for some helpful criticism.

**Edit**: Thought it’d be fair, as a token of appreciation here’s a 10% discount code which can be applied at checkout – 10PCTLAUNCH

thanks again!

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Need some help from you guys from festivals



pholland167 January 12, 2019 - 5:58 pm

I’m mostly a Bonnaroo guy, certainly older than your target market, so take my opinions with as many grains of salt as you wish.

* I love your logo

* I don’t know anything about your competition, but it seems like it is smart to group all of these items in one place. I know when shopping for festival supplies, it gets aggravating looking for camping stuff but not like I’m hiking 10 miles in the backcountry.

* Great splash images on the homepage

* Your navbar takes up waaaaay too much real estate on the screen. On my Macbook, 1/3 of the screen is the black navbar. Navbars make you no money. Shrink it dramatically.

* I was most interested in your original products, but I felt let down. They are just text on a white shirt. I can print those myself from any number of custom t-shirt sites. Hire a designer to give your shirts some life.

* On the originals page, your description is a train wreck:
> 100% Original Desings – Made In The USA! Wear them with pride cause non have these funky ass hot designs

should be
> 100% Original Designs – Made in the USA! Wear them with pride because no one else has these funky-ass hot designs!

* Your product pages are done decent, but since you are using stock photography from a number of different sources, I instantly get the feeling that you are just a reseller and I could find these items cheaper somewhere else.

* Get rid of the blog until you have 5+ posts ready, and then post them spaced out over time. An empty blog page lowers consumer trust.

* I’ve done 7+ festivals (I know, not much) and never used anything on your essentials list except a power bank, and that is sold out. I’d change the name of that section.

* Get to posting on FB and IG. Your sites are dead.

All in all, a good start, but it would be smart to invest in some design and coding. Being a shopify site, I imagine you built this all yourself, which is fine. But it looks like you built it yourself, and that will be a barrier to sales over the long term. The idea is good, just keep improving and executing!

spaceglitter000 January 12, 2019 - 5:58 pm

Your prices are pretty good, and people will appreciate that since festival clothing is usually pricey.

My only opinion really comes from an artistic standpoint. The home page almost looks like more of a blog than an online shop. Maybe mess around with the layout and then there, just a little.

The photos for the women’s clothing are all so different and I usually like for there to be some common look with all of the photos. Each items photo looks like it was taken by a different photographer, in a way different setting.

asguru January 12, 2019 - 5:58 pm

Being brutally honest here:

A lot of the designs aren’t unique. Your site/products look just like the hundreds of other similar rave and festival gear websites. I’d honestly say find a niche that is currently underrepresented online, and expand it. A new company with a huge online inventory screams “reseller” from a buyer’s point of view. Finding your specific market draws in people who already know what they are looking for, whereas if you offer everything you compete with larger brands like iheartraves and dolls kill (and many others).

pataganja January 12, 2019 - 5:58 pm

your “original” designs are absolute garbage but maybe its just me


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