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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Moonrise Festival 2019 Lineup

Moonrise Festival 2019 Lineup

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Moonrise Festival 2019 Lineup from festivals



  1. I really like it. Less huge artists but such stacked mid cards. I prefer more quality artists than blowing most of the budget on someone like Marshmello

  2. I’ll be there. Not a bad lineup for Celestial Garden. Couple of other acts I’ll def be at too. Big Gigantic, Jai Wolf and I’ve never seen a full Gud Vibrations set live. Maybe this is the time.

  3. I’m not a fan of moonrise there’s just too much wrong with it that being said I would be happy to go to it if one of two things changed if it was a 3 day festival or if it was a camping festival the lineup is just too big for a 2 day festival that kicks you out at 11

  4. Not exactly a bad line up, but it’s full of ‘if you’ve seen them once you pretty much have seen it all’ artists.

    There are a few exceptions, big g/haywyre/seven lions have great live shows, but i can’t really justify going to this when it is completely overshadowed by like 3 other festivals within a 3 hour drive in the months before and after.

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