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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS I really miss festivals XD

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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS I really miss festivals XD

I really miss festivals XD

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  1. Baelysium says:

    Swedish penis!

  2. buds4hugs says:

    Fun fact: Holding one of these at shoulder height as you move through a crowd will get people to part the seas in front of you as they look back going “wtf is that a penis?”

  3. AboveColin says:


  4. CCR2013 says:

    I don’t understand

  5. MischeviousCat says:

    You say you miss them, but it kinda seems like you’re still pretty excited.

  6. derrpinger says:

    I believe I’d get a better boyfriend. He looks like a d*<k

    Yeah, a real dork!

  7. Tenzer57 says:

    This needs a hell of a lot more upvotes!

  8. AristoCat24 says:

    The girl in the meme looks like CloZee

  9. Nickalaj says:

    Hanging out with my dick lol

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