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Seems as fun as been cancelled this year boys and girls, I thought it might be cathartic to share funny methods and story’s of sneaking in contraband. Hopefully pick up some sneaky tips along the way ready for next year.

Here are some of my more successful attempts over the years.

– Carefully opening packets of Crisps and reselling with a heat press.

– Double bagging the goods and submerging in a pot of chilli.

– Certain potent liquids In eye droppers.

– taping booze up my spine and down the backs of my welly’s

– Spirits in spray bottles

I also heard one mad lad burry his stash way in advance and dug it bank up once the festival started.


I’d love to hear any creative ideas you guys have tried, even if they weren’t so successful.

Don’t worry. I’m not LE, or staff. Pinky promise.

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  1. _soundshapes says:

    More a story of a bad hiding spot but I figured it was related soooo…

    Best I’ve seen in person was Bonnaroo ’12 a guy 2-3 people in front of me gets searched and the lady finds a bag of molly in his headband. Security was still being chill so its really NBD. She puts the bag on the little table next to her and proceeds to start patting his pockets, causing her to lean over slightly. Dude reaches over her shoulder, grabs the baggie, sticks it right back in his headband and is merrily on his way. She’s halfway through searching the next person before realizing what happened and the dude has disappeared into the dust.

  2. SoldOutProductions says:

    [built a secret compartment in the campervan](https://imgur.com/a/m5em6wA)

    Edit: removed fest details in case off chance security doxx me

  3. cheezit57 says:

    For my first festival (Summerset 2012), my friends and I bought a 64oz jar of peanut butter and hollowed it out. After we put in the supplies (wrapped in plastic), we melted the previously scooped peanut butter and poured it back over the jar, reforming the previously smooth top layer. After letting it set, we super glued the seal back on (previously had been carefully cut off), and fastened the lid. Good to go.

    After all that shit, our car barely got a passing glance at security. Felt cheated! 😂

  4. here_it_is_i_guess says:

    To sneak some blunts into a nas/damien Marley show, i just held it in my hand with my cellphone, wallet, etc. They were telling people to empty their pockets for a pat down, but I noticed they weren’t checking people’s hands so I just held it lol

  5. taelor says:

    Everytime time one of these threads comes up I share this same story of the most pro-wook move I have ever seen.

    Hulaween 2013. We’re walking into the checkpoint to the main stage area. There is a gate next to the person line for golf carts for the festival workers.

    Some dude walks up behind the cart, puts his stash on the cart, he whips through security, and catches up to the cart coming in through the gate and grabs his stash.

    Me and my crew were absolutely stunned. Jaws dropped. We seriously started to clap. No one saw it but us.

  6. lenny_lennerson_III says:

    Plot twist, OP is actually festival security and is updating their handbook. Also, mad respect to the commitment some people put in.

  7. ALargePianist says:

    I rolled several joints right, and took a box of milk duds opened em up put the joints inside right, little super glue and bam sealed snacks. Then I forgot about all of it and it melted in my bag.

    The next year I learned, and put rolled joints under one of my kandi cuffs. Then forgot about em until they were ripped to shreds and soaked in sweat.

    Now I just smoke at camp

  8. sw33tleaves says:

    Pop an interior panel off somewhere in your car and tape your stuff behind that. It would be unheard of for a festival security to try dismantling your interior panels.

    For going into the fest, hiding in your underwear is the way.

  9. pacodemu says:

    >I also heard one mad lad bury his stash way in advance and dug it bank up once the festival started.

    How about showing up in advance and digging holes to fill with multiple full size nitrous tanks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_JZ5d47a6A

  10. SoyaPistol says:

    For the ladies : using a DivaCup for your own stuff to access festival site without having any concerns at all (indeed not being on your period while doing this and wrapping your things in a proper/safe way).

    Maybe gross for some people but it works 🤭

  11. thee_chompermonster says:

    I saw someone make a hole in loaf of bread for storing stuff and ive used that one quite often!

  12. GrimReeferWaxAddict says:

    I used a backpack with thick shoulder padding. I cut a little slit on the inner sides of them, making a pocket
    Id slide my Doob tubes and container of weed into the pockets. So as I was being searched, id be holding the straps of the backpack with the weed in my hands, worked everytime.
    Ive also bought myself a Roll-Uh-Bowl Bong and fold it up and stick it in a zip lock sandwich bag and walk in with it in my shoe

  13. stomac111 says:

    You know those huge sub woofers you get in the boot of cars? They are kinda portable and just sit in the boot. So we grabbed one of those, took the speaker out of the shell, hid a few sprit bottles and put the speaker back in. Two of us carried it through the gates. We were shocked that security didn’t care we were bringing in a huge speaker and never thought to check it.

  14. bigwhammy says:

    I used a system I called the “Impossibility of Pockets” I wore shorts with extra pockets, a shirt with one or more pockets, a hat with non-contraband in the band, and unzipped every pocket in my backpack for ease of access. My stuff was in the exterior of my bag in my upside down empty beer cup tucked in with a bandanna. Everyone that saw me trying to be so compliant and so many pockets just waved me through. One dug through every pocket though and completely skipped the one thing in the exterior mesh of my bag and waved me through.

    Fun times!

  15. tgw1986 says:

    i had dreads for like ten years, so i hid blunts, chillums, dugouts, vape pens, etc in my hair. i realize most people don’t have dreads, but if you have big hair, or put your hair into some sort of headband/head wrap, you can easily get away with this.

  16. DJ_Black_Eye says:

    To bring beer into festival grounds where no beer was allowed one time We brought a wagon with one of those hard placemats that go on the bottom of it so you can put it down underneath all the stuff you put in your wagon and just lined beers up underneath and placed the placemat on top and put our gear in the wagon and they searched all our stuff in the wagon but never knew there was a case of beer underneath it.

  17. lolaokk says:

    Bought a phone case on amazon that holds joints/blunts. My hair is long so I’ve stuck a few behind my ear and just covered with hair. Just holding it in your hand is another option I’ve been successful with. I’ve learned sometimes the most “obvious” places are actually the best hiding spots

  18. A_Flirty_Text says:

    The first festival I ever went to, my friend went all out to smuggle drugs in.

    1. Drugs in ziploc bags
    2. Bags wrapped in duct tape
    3. Sealed inside another ziploc
    4. Ziploc placed in empty beer bottle
    5. Beer bottle filled with water and frozen
    6. Frozen beer bottle placed in the middle of a cooler of beer

    And he was still nervous he’d be caught. But we made it past security fine. They barely even looked through our stuff, so we have said friend shit for being paranoid the entire weekend.

    Icing on the cake was we had to wait several hours (maybe even the next day? Been a while) for the ice to melt enough to retrieve the drugs

  19. NJM_Spartan says:

    At shambhala, I had molly and the security guard just told me to make sure I get it tested

  20. 90s_kids_only says:

    This is a story about not sneaking anything in. My buddies and I went to Bonnaroo for our first ever big festival. Flew to TN and rented the most sketch looking car at Rent-A-Wreck. We head to the festival with no drugs or alcohol. The thing died in line when we tried the AC lol. It started back up. When we get to the entrance, the cops wave us over to the side right away. They search the whole car and only find a bottle of my buddies dick pills! The cop holds them up and yells to his buddy “Hey Jerry, these are what you need!”.

  21. siddowncheelout says:

    I hung a bag of Franzia wine around my cousins neck one year and she pretended to be pregnant. Worked. This was bonnaroo 07 I believe.

    Around the same time I spent waaaay to much time hiding a bunch of beers in my bag, like a whole six pack hidden in the liner. Totally forgot about my bag of mushrooms in the front pouch, they found it immediately.

    I think that was bonnaroo way back too, we drive down like 8 people in a minivan, packed tot he gills. No room for beer so we load it all into a friend car who drive separately from another direction. Didn’t consider the per person limit so we lost all our beer except like 2 cases. All of us had to stand there and watch out beer get wheel narrowed away. Security was a dick about it.

    This was cathartic

  22. noburdennyc says:

    Depends on the festival and the city it’s in, along with what you are taking in. If you go for which ever line is shortest at the security check that’s usually the most lax. Lots of people don’t want to break up their group and just stick to one spot. When you can just meet everyone back up at the other end.

    If there is tougher security, like i’ve had to deal with cruise security with metal detectors, local sheriffs and “drug” dogs. Double vacuum seal everything, then dismantle some electronic and tape it in a cavity in there. Then you can carry it through, to more fool proof is to check the bag and tip the guy at least $20.

  23. Da_zero_kid says:

    Twice as much fun in 2021. Let’s make it happen.

  24. FNKTN says:

    I remember a while back having a several joints in my pocket, took them out, kept my thumbs tucked holding the joints and turned my open hands away from them at the search gate. Handed the gloves to the security to check first. Threw the joints underneath my gloves that were conveniently placed on the table as the security reached down to pat my shoes. They didn’t even notice as I picked the joints back up rollled in the gloves.

    Started sparking up as soon as I was out of sight.

  25. kmson7 says:

    Friend told me their friend created a fake dread amongst their other dreads that held all their goodies. Never would suspect a thing lol

  26. therealmcveetors says:

    to sneak liquor into shambhala some friends and I emptied out some windshield washer fluid, put a 60 of vodka inside with some Mio, and a single drop of soap to make sure there it looked authentic lol. glued the seal back on and good to go!

  27. tiaann17 says:

    I always take a second pair of car keys with my battery out of the fob. Then, before you go into the fest, pop the plastic key fob open, put your candy in there, and close it shut. Nobody ever assumes it’s anything but keys in my fanny pack.

  28. AskWhy817 says:

    can’t forget the good ol’ stash in the peanut butter trick. love this post haha

  29. Pikawoohoo says:

    We were all lining up on the first day – super big line but everyone is waiting patiently and all, and our one friend suddenly says “I’m just gonna go through”. He just walked with confidence and kept saying “excuse me, excuse me”, skipped the last bit of the line, scanned his wrist band, a couple more excuse me’s and was past security without them checking him. We were all in shock lol.

  30. fauxsoundcloud says:

    Bought a pack of cigs, carefully opened the bottom side of the plastic wrapping, replaced cancer sticks with joints, closed the wrapping with clear super glue, enjoyed opening up a pack of joints as soon as I passed security.

  31. NJM_Spartan says:

    I told the security guard at Forest that I had diabetes so I needed my can of Mountain Dew and water bottle (filled with vodka). He didn’t even pat me down

  32. radrax says:

    The security at holy ship was really intense. Federal cops and drug dogs walking around, a lot of people got busted. I had Molly and I shoved it (bagged) into a travel container of hair conditioner, I figured because it was scented and opaque. They didn’t find it, tg, but i had to cut the bottle open to get it back out

  33. CMPopPunk says:

    Cargo shorts are your friends.

    Never smuggled booze or drugs in, but I would always load up on food before going to stuff like Warped Tour. There’s no way I’m paying $14 bucks for a hot dog.

  34. CcSeaAndAwayWeGo says:

    Snuck in a bunch of tequila and weed under my spare tire to Northwest String Summit in 2017 lol

  35. Firehead282 says:

    Seen a guy who had a belt made out of nos canisters and just walked in wearing it 😀

    Also everyone should look up the method of bringing in spirits mixed into a 2L bottle of coke or whatever with it looking like it’s sealed and new.

    Or classic stick your stuff up your orifice 😉

  36. amberalpine says:

    Vodka and raspberries in kombucha bottles. We super glued the caps perfectly to the ring below to make them seem sealed. Had a whole conversation about kombucha and it’s healthy benefits with the security team. We brought a gallon of vodka this way… and it was absolutely delicious.

    Since weeds legal where I am we keep some of our other stuff in those leftover containers in a locked bag.

  37. Saint-Peer says:

    If you volunteer, you get to waltz right in with a backpack of whatever. It’s a great experience meeting other volunteers, get a portion of the tickets paid and watch a performance on the sidelines.

  38. TheRealGoochman says:

    “Doo doo do doo doo doo doo do…….I wanna go out”

  39. charliefelixbleu says:

    Nice try, NARK!

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