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Freaky Deaky Houston

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  1. jagarzlatan says:

    I don’t love that it’s in Baytown, but as a houstonian for 26 years I’d cry at the thought of a name like armin and Martin coming to the plant city that is Baytown to throw down. Steve Aoki and his cakes too. Just the last place I’d expect to see any names that cost what they cost.

    Definitely worth going if you’re in Texas and it’s convenient. I don’t know if I’d travel for this lineup/venue/etc.

    May end up with better edm than what voodoo snags minus the standard RL grime voodoo set.

  2. hydrogenickooz says:

    I honestly hate how DD puts some of the same artists on a lineup, but the fact that he’s branching out and putting way more house on the lineup really is showing how much of a change things are going. Can’t wait for the days of more house/trance/techno festivals in the US.

    Still gonna wait for Escape’s lineup but this is a solid choice if Escape doesn’t catch my eye. The crowds in Texas really make our festivals stand out!

  3. laurafunsize says:

    +1 for Clozee

  4. Kehndy12 says:

    Can this subreddit please do something about posters adding their promo codes to pics of festival lineups? It’s spammy and disingenuous.

  5. yzy_ says:

    Goddamn. This lineup is near perfect for bass/tech house lovers, they even got Moksi.

  6. asweeney5 says:

    Alright…need to somehow book a flight and go to this 👀

  7. DarthDude91 says:

    This is a good plan B if hula doesn’t happen

  8. icebabyiceice says:

    Why is Steve Aoki still relevant?

  9. lengthiness says:

    A two-hour sunset set for Fisher? Oh my, oh my.

  10. greaterhoustonian says:

    Honestly one of the worst festivals I’ve ever been to

  11. LiftedWooksOut says:

    This line up is fire! Anyone one going to this make sure to check out the Liquid Todd set!!

  12. DreadSteed says:

    Wow, so much house and very little trap.

    We can see how things are changing. Also shoutout for putting the Crystal Method and Cristoph on here. Glad to see them branching out of generic lineups.

  13. DarthDude91 says:

    Can someone give me the 411 of this festival? Is it just a basic city fest like shaky beats/imagine/moonrise except Halloween theme? How was the experience and venue?

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