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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Festival Season is here!

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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Festival Season is here!

Festival Season is here!

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6 Responses

  1. shakedownshakin says:

    Its always festival season.

  2. anniecakes says:

    Protip: eat healthy at festivals so your body can take more abuse (:

  3. ToeKnee_420 says:

    im debating quitting a job right this instant because of some seeeeeerious FOMO 🙁

  4. PaulMorel says:

    Yeah, pretty much. Hopefully my boss never catches onto the pattern of my sick days.

  5. WatermelonSailboat says:

    Living in Houston is tough because with no Middlelands and the restructure of In Bloom we have to travel for any music fest in the summertime.

    EDM especially is that way for most of Texas I feel like.

  6. serendipitybot says:

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