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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Equinox Music & Art Festival

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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Equinox Music & Art Festival

Equinox Music & Art Festival

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12 Responses

  1. BobWheels says:

    Yeah this makes my weewee hard

  2. NilesRiver says:

    Lots of homies on this bill!!! If I can’t make Wakaan fest happen I’ll probably end up here

  3. jmann18 says:

    Same weekend as Resonance sadly

  4. TLLMTT808 says:

    Why even blur out ‘The Widdler’?

  5. Redrum8608 says:

    This is such a headie fest. Expect like a 1000 people and all good vibes.

  6. lothartheunkind says:


  7. believeinapathy says:

    So downnn!

  8. SatanLordOfDarkness says:

    Fuuuuuuuuuck I live 30 minutes away from concord but I’m gonna be in fucking sydney when this happens :/, hopefully they’ll do it next year too cause this seems awesome

  9. smokincasket says:

    I see on the web site kids are free under a certain age, is this frst really kid friendly? My daughter loves dancing around to some of the artists on this bill and would love to take her.

  10. mynamescody says:

    so stacked

  11. DarthDude91 says:

    This has potential.

  12. sonofwidows says:

    The Void on visuals will be amazing. Sadly, I’ll be stuck with an bracelet around my ankle and in my house during this.

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