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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Drive in concerts are now a thing. haha the real party has always been in the parking lot

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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Drive in concerts are now a thing. haha the real party has always been in the parking lot

Drive in concerts are now a thing. haha the real party has always been in the parking lot

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  1. dancingbearstonks says:

    wooks after selling party favors now that everyone stays in the parking lot the whole time [https://i.imgur.com/0C89OwP.jpg](https://i.imgur.com/0C89OwP.jpg)

  2. omnitions says:

    Marc Rebillet did one. Erykah Badu showed up


  3. alongstrangetrip says:

    Magic Beans held 2 drive in events in Fort Collins, CO.

    We also have Dine From Out There which happens on roof tops of restaurants. The first one was Kitchen Dwellers in Denver. Then Big Gigantic in Boulder. Tickets are $225 since it includes an extensive meal with live music.

  4. sslproxy says:

    It’s been happening. Was at a [Subtronics & Boogie T drive in show](https://imgur.com/a/DEHHTLW) a few weeks ago.

    They’re having a few more artist come over the next month but not sure if I’ll go. Was fun and all but contrary to the rules they put in place, the event was very much a pre-covid no fucks given mentality. Spent a week after awaiting the oncoming of symptoms I was certain would come.

  5. rainblow_bite says:

    Fuckin lot kids

  6. taelor says:

    Lot Life

  7. TheHow55 says:

    this was actually 1 of 3 straight days of shows in that lot. also playing was El Monstero, and hometown hero Nelly.

    edit – just realized they say this at the end of the video, but just incase you didnt watch

  8. achicagobeardidit says:

    yeah i went to one in mchenry illinois last weekend. everyone got two car areas. some people were good about keeping their masks on and staying in their area but a lot weren’t. hopefully it doesn’t turn out to be a hot spot for the spread. definitely should have had some barricades like the one in the video does.

  9. RJSSUFER says:

    That looks terrible

  10. FightinSweathog says:

    I love how it’s a country drive in concerts so it’s local news friendly

    Imagine some wookfest with the local news reporting and having footage of dozens of duis, nitrous tanks being seized, and people attempting to walk in to the drive in w/o tickets

  11. zacweso says:

    I went to see Big G and Manic Focus this past weekend at a drive in on the IL/WI boarder, it was so much fun and really felt safe. Everyone in masks, a lot more distance between cars than you see above, staff reminding those not in masks to wear them but were cool about it. Ready for these to continue.

  12. DJ_Black_Eye says:

    I’ve been curious to check one out, I’m wondering tho if they’re are any road blocks after to catch people drinking and driving?

  13. dotlinefever3 says:

    Atlanta checking in: I know of a lot of local jam bands that are doing this at local breweries.

  14. Funkyokra says:

    Nice, thanks for giving me hope!

  15. dautjazz says:

    Meh I can wait, we might actually have vaccines early next year, with China in phase 3, and we have a vaccine in the states that just hit phase 3 and its expected to finalize testing by the end of the year.

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