REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Bunbury 2019 Lineup 😬

Bunbury 2019 Lineup 😬

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Bunbury 2019 Lineup 😬 from festivals


21 thoughts on “REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Bunbury 2019 Lineup 😬

  1. Last year’s announced headliners were Jack White, The Chainsmokers, Blink-182, Post Malone and Incubus. None of the acts this year would headline other festivals except maybe Fall Out Boy. This is a huge step down.

  2. Ouch… Maybe the worst one I’ve seen yet. I don’t even listen to rap/hip-hop but I can appreciate their headliners are actually headliners.

    I know people love them and they’ve gotten popular, but GVF should not be headlining festivals just yet.

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