REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Bringing the most electricity possible without a generator?

I’m wondering what would be the best way to bring a really large amount of electricity camping without a generator, since those are noisy and high maintenance. Is there anything the size of a car battery you can charge up and plug devices into? The portable phone chargers are great but are only good for one person for a few phone charges, wondering what the next steps up are.

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Bringing the most electricity possible without a generator? from festivals


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  1. Are you at all handy? A marine battery can be wired up and you could drop it in a box and attach cigarette style lighters to it. Throw an invertor on it.

  2. Anker makes a device called the PowerHouse that is what you’re looking for. You may be able to find a cheaper version of something like it.

  3. what do you need it for? if you are camping a few phone charges is all you should need for a weekend.

    if you are trying to put on a show bring the generator.

    there is very little in-between. there are few places lugging a lead-acid battery that weighs 20-30 pounds but you cant drive a vehicle to make sense.

  4. They make some great solar powered “chargers” in many different sizes. Obviously weather dictates their success but definitely a good investment.

  5. Get a backup portable generator they can charge a phone full all threw a 4 day festival. Mine also has a air pump, jump start, work lights usb connection, power outlets, and car outlets which are great for pumping up air mattresses and refilling because you don’t need to take the mattress back out. Cost is up there 100$-300$ but definitely worth it.

    Just check amazon which has alot most said about 20 full recharges for iphone before it dies.

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