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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Austin City Limits Lineup – Austin, TX

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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Austin City Limits Lineup – Austin, TX

Austin City Limits Lineup – Austin, TX

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  1. discoafroman says:

    I don’t care what you say, this is an amazing lineup. Paul McCartney AND Metallica AND Childish AND Arctic Monkeys AND The National??? And more?? This is amazing

  2. bvsshevd says:

    This is pretty fucking great. Nailed it with the headliners much more than any of the other major US festivals. Only complaint would be that it’s pretty top heavy

  3. ivb107 says:

    Much improved lineup from last year.

  4. mshuster09 says:

    The electronic portion of the lineup, Justice excluded, feels a bit generic. Odesza, Rezz, San Holo, Illenium, Gryffin, etc play all the big multi genre festivals.

    That being said they killed it everywhere else and Justice is nothing to complain about either.

  5. MrChipKelly says:

    As an Austinite, this is my favorite ACL lineup since I’ve started going. They managed to book some unique acts and avoid the cookie-cutter-lineup problem while balancing their genres really well.

    I’m usually more on the EDM side of things but ODESZA, Sylvan Esso (amazing if you haven’t seen them), Rezz, and San Holo will scratch that itch for me. In the meantime I’ll get to cross McCartney off my bucket list (!!!), finally see Childish Gambino, throw down a party with Janelle Monae and Marian Hill, and get way into my feelings with Hozier and Illenium. And, as always, I’ll spend the majority of my time wandering around finding new bands I’ve never heard of that I end up loving after seeing them live.

    Very very happy with this lineup.

  6. clownbaby88 says:

    Now this is a fucking lineup

  7. MeansNoWorries says:


  8. Egocom says:

    Sounds pretty cool but I’m gonna keep holding out for the Day for Night lineup if I’m gonna go to Texas for a fest. *edit-Said Austin, should have said Houston, going with Texas 😛

  9. FuckedYouInHalf says:

    You guys are insane the undercard is stacked

  10. lmACunt says:

    Why are the Wombats so far down the bill? You Americans need to listen to them.

  11. 2lit2 says:

    How does the festival work with two weekends? Are some bands only one weekend or are both weekends identical lineups?

  12. Swordfish2012 says:

    Anybody else think somebody will be added to Weekend Two to balance them out more?

  13. Smoovemusic says:

    I hate these posters that don’t have dates…

  14. SophisticatedStoner says:

    I wish they’d put the date on the poster

  15. pordeszeon says:

    Might have to buy a one day to see Paul McCartney.

  16. whitekidspaz says:

    Go see greta van fleet you won’t regret it at all

  17. TriadTrees says:

    I’m so stoked. I got a festival passport and this is one I’m not missing

  18. RonnSwansonn says:

    Oh FUCK YES!

  19. Triumphkj says:

    Damnit I bought weekend 1 and just realized I have a wedding to attend then. If anyone wants to buy it off me at face or swap for weekend 2 just let me know.

  20. KungFu_Kenny says:

    Odesza is at every damn fest damn

  21. skippyjam123 says:

    ➡️Dm me for GA and VIP tickets!!!⬅️

  22. bikebikegoose says:

    Good lineup, probably just going to give that Metallica set the widest possible berth. Did ‘roo when they were there (2008?) and did not enjoy the crowd they brought out.

  23. Badfoodbad says:

    Looks like they blew the budget on headliners. Bleh.

  24. nvanburen says:

    I’m know I’m going to get downvoted for this, but this is probably my least favorite ACL lineup. The headliners are great, but the undercards are so underwhelming or generic for me.

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