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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Austin City Limits 2019

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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS Austin City Limits 2019

Austin City Limits 2019

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29 Responses

  1. SavinThatBacon says:

    Not everyone’s gonna be thrilled but ACL gets pull from all generations and this is why. Lotta diversity among the headliners, and good acts throughout to draw in young fans, old fans, and everyone in between.

  2. NotQuiteBlackk says:

    Thom Yorke outta left field

  3. JennyDelight says:

    The cure !

  4. thehighcardinal says:


  5. [deleted] says:

    No tame Impala at desert daze this year 🙁


  6. JustAnEpicPerson says:

    Huge headliners, not seeing a ton in the undercard though. That being said, Kali Uchis, Denzel Currey, Kacey Musgraves, and Cherry Glazzer all stick out to me.


    I’m seeing Gambino and Tame at Lolla, and I saw Billie at SXSW, so I’m not sure if I’ll go or not.

  7. CroMagnon69 says:

    We really putting William Eyelash over tame now?

  8. GregLouganus says:

    Hippie Sabotage still getting booked that high is very not-heady

  9. theblexican says:

    Maybe not a popular opinion, but the edm undercard is lacking.

  10. Grundelwald says:

    How does this fest handle multiple headliners per day? Are they at the same time/competing stages, or would they be one after the other? Like, hypothetically if Tame Impala and The Cure are both Saturday night would one be able to catch both sets in full?

  11. 2813308004HTX says:

    Not going to lie, weaker than I expected

  12. snailinacowboyhat says:

    cardi b bruh fr

  13. jcalcerano says:

    Was expecting a lot better honestly. Good headliners but nothing very exciting in the sub-headliner and mid-tier areas.


    EDIT: For the record I do like a lot of the bands on here. I was just expecting .. more. Almost every act on here is at a half dozen fests this summer.

  14. afragosoo says:

    Weakest I’ve seen since 2014

  15. DaDaBrown says:

    Denzel only week 2. Looks like I’ll be at week 2

  16. jhg123auburn says:

    Oliver tree would be so much fun

  17. jenna_lynnn says:

    Guns n Roses, Tame Impala, Kacey Musgraves, Lizzo, Griz, Jai Wolf!

  18. MrMultibeast says:

    Isn’t Cardi B an admitted rapist and thief? Why is she headlining a festival?

  19. tootruecam says:

    I know she’s got a lot of buzz right now and I don’t want to take away from her success regardless of her background but Billie Eilish as a headliner? Cmon.

  20. el-toro-loco says:

    I’m so down to see Guns N Roses. Metallica was awesome last year, and I expect something similar here.

    And I know I’m going to get some hate for this but Tame Impala bores the hell out of me and I really wish they weren’t a headliner. Give me TOOL.

  21. CV022011 says:

    Do any Americans here know Sam Fender? He’s getting pretty big here in the UK and he’s pretty good in my opinion

  22. igerfoo says:

    Mother. Fuckin. LIZZO.

  23. cletusthedinglefairy says:

    I just have eyes for kaytrananda tbh

  24. amavid710 says:

    🎫🔥Message me for a $10 discount

  25. ImGeezersButler says:

    SO happy to see Cherry Glazerr gettin all the festival love

  26. memebot2019 says:

    Weak lineup and horribly advertised. Two of the best musicians in the entire line up are not even in focus: Gary Clark Jr. and Bruce Hornsby (8 lines down, wtf?!)

  27. mac1088 says:

    not heady

  28. Screwlah says:

    Damn actually really good headliners except rat snatch Cardi Flea

  29. Tahoeclown says:

    I wouldn’t go to this if someone paid me. Worst headliners i’ve ever seen honestly.

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