All Points East 2019

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13 thoughts on “REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS All Points East 2019

  1. “Ok, we’ve got a great lineup, but how will we make the lineup poster itself stand out compared to other lineup posters?”

    “I’ve got it! Let’s make the poster awful. Like, make it hard to read and just scribble on it or something”


  2. Wow. An entire lineup full of artists with actual talent. Imagine having something like this in the US… unfortunately we get 75% pop stars and EDM to move tickets to the lowest common denominator.

  3. Is this fest actually 9 days or is that a typo?

    Edit: It is two weekends with completely different lineups each week. This is the first week and imo much better

  4. Anyone who may have attended in 2018, I’m curious about festival logistics… namely, is it possible to see all the acts on a given day? Ie. are the grounds fairly compact and possible to get to different stages quickly? And are the acts typically scheduled in a decent manner so as no major conflicts? Etc.

  5. I see if you buy a ticket for one of the festival days via AXS or Festicket then you get access to ‘multi day tickets’ whereby you can buy tickets for the other festival days at a cheaper price – anyone know how much cheaper the multi day tickets are?

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