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REDDIT FESTIVAL NEWS 50 years ago today

50 years ago today

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  1. Hey, my dad went to this!

    We’re Atlanta natives, and he actually has a framed copy of this poster hanging in a spare bedroom. He has a lot of concerts under his belt, mostly before I was born in the early 80’s 🙂

    He saw Zeppelin a few times (caught them on their first American tour), every Pink Floyd tour from *Saucer Full of Secrets* through *Animals*, Janis Joplin at the pop fest, Fleetwood Mac during *Rumors*, Bowie during *Ziggy Stardust*, The Who during *Tommy*, a *ton* of Zappa shows… the list is too long to keep going.

    He also had a ticket to Woodstock, but couldn’t go at the last moment.

    His health is declining now, so I spend as much time with him as I can, and we just talk about life. One of his favorite things to reminisce about is concerts, so I’ll have to ask him what memories he has of this Pop Fest. I know he recently showed me some good crowd photos that his friend sent him.

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