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READING – Your 5 headliners are here! …

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READING – Your 5 headliners are here! …

READING – Your 5 headliners are here!

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25 Responses

  1. Adriano Di Camillo Adc says:

    the worst line up

  2. Rachael Anne Penny says:

    Josh Head Charlie Hornshaw Sam Edmonds

  3. Emily Louise says:

    Honour Burges

  4. Euan Condron says:

    Joe Thorpe David Sparrow Tyrone Upton Ed Wren

  5. Gaby Bromage says:

    You can’t please them all, but this year couldn’t be a better mix up of acts for me!! Ewan Thorne

  6. Rachel Elford says:

    Sarah πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  7. Amelia Hart says:

    Rachael Haskayne we need to go!!!

  8. JP Sultana says:

    Andrew Schembri Christian Spiteri

  9. Rikke Lambertsen says:

    Maria OMG FOB !!!

  10. Sophie McDermott says:

    Georgia Crane Lewis Sycamore

  11. Aoife O Neill says:

    Michael O Neill

  12. Emily Fraser says:

    Shannon Down

  13. Benjamin Geldof says:


  14. Aypril Loines says:

    Josh Hill it was true!!!!

  15. Connor Munnelly says:

    Rachel Martin

  16. Andrew Flanaghan says:

    Kirsty Marie Damerell come on you know you wana

  17. Joe Edwards says:

    Connor Scott Parker Damon Harrow hhhhh Biffy clyro

  18. Amber-Jade Farla says:

    Silke Griffin so happy!!

  19. Toby Fowler says:

    Peter Wilson Stefan Taylor sweeeeeeet

  20. Kimberley Stewart says:

    i cant wait!!!! been playing Biffy all day lol whoop whoop!!!

  21. Connor Jenkins says:

    Daniel Ryal :3

  22. Jasmine Ayres says:

    Joey Bottiglieri

  23. Chloe Double says:

    Amy West Eddie Jowers

  24. Jonathan Eriksson says:

    Carl BanΓ©r

  25. Hannah Marie Hughes says:

    Charlotte Terrey

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