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Reading opening times…

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Reading opening times…

Reading opening times…



19 Responses

  1. Stewart Pass says:

    Will it be shown on tv

  2. Paul Butler says:

    As if people get there for 8am?!

  3. Isobelle Taehyung Taylor says:

    Claire Tomlin

  4. Vladimír Gabriel says:

    Next year i must be there too!!!

  5. Laura Alexandra Flood says:

    John Tiger Tim Barnes

  6. Steve Young says:

    Finally announced set times too. I guess I will be able to juggle Vaccines and Cage the Elephant after all

  7. Lou Rogerson says:

    Already set up, beer in hand 😉

  8. Neil Fisher says:

    See you tomorrow 8am

  9. Jodie Cole says:

    Annie Lucas

  10. Joe Townsend says:

    Harry Hemming

  11. Heather Sullivan says:

    Rich Wilson
    24 mins ·
    Sorry to do this on here but I’m after some assistance. My son was due to go to the Reading festival this weekend but one so called “friend” legged it with his and 20 other people’s money then he bought one off of eBay and, of course, that’s fucked too so if anyone knows anyone connected to the festival or the comedy tent and can help me get him in then I’ll owe you forever because as you can probably imagine, he is devastated and I am livid.

    Incidentally, the thiefs name is Jake Hawkes who apparently works for Live Nation and has subsequently disappeared. Trust me when I say that he will be found.

    Cheers for reading this and cheers for any help that comes our way.

  12. Malløry Lee says:

    Ewan Smith 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  13. Danielle Mckenna says:

    Jenni Lou

  14. Cameron Macdougall says:

    Dan Bolton

  15. Lottie-Madison Lyles says:

    Is there a closing time as to when you can get your wristband today?

  16. Freya Wright says:

    Maxicle Charters this is Reading festival, it’s nothing to do with books 😂💙

  17. Steve Wallster says:

    Saturday parking pass available for sale

  18. Kimberley Brain says:

    Does anyone know why time entry is until? Only want to see the last two bands tomorrow night so don’t want to have to be there all day. TIA

  19. Lori Harper says:

    I need to collect my daughter tonight at around 11pm. Where is best to collect from?

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