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Reading Main Stage in 360

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Reading Main Stage in 360

Reading Main Stage in 360



25 Responses

  1. Lily Malcolm says:

    Phoenix Xavier Wilkinson

  2. Aaliyah-Jane Beaman says:

    James Beaman

  3. Kim McFarlane says:

    Scott Odgers

  4. Eamon Bicknell says:


  5. Georgie Chaplin says:

    Chris Perrin

  6. Alistair Pike says:

    Kelly Wallis-Gordon

  7. Gee Charlie Middleton says:

    Jess Hyde

  8. Helen Martin says:

    Chris Burroughs

  9. Scott Titherly says:

    Does it make the sound better?

  10. Jake Graham says:

    I miss the days when that massive hole wasn’t there…

  11. Luke John Richard Hill says:

    Charlie ThomasMarc ZoghbiDaniel Lewis

  12. Karl Hili says:

    David Jr Meilak Clara Chetcuti open mouth

  13. Rosie Coetzee says:

    Ben Whelan sick

  14. Becky Boo Gill says:

    Robert Payne

  15. Ryan Robinson says:

    Matthew Davies

  16. Ben Smith says:

    Jordan Wallis Christopher Crawford reading :((((((

  17. Jenny Frisby says:

    Louise Francis

  18. Sharon Stokes Bryson says:

    Elliott Sheward

  19. Laura Boyes says:

    Alex Davey Kelly Wosien we’re here somewhere!!

  20. Joe Townsend says:

    Samuel Langston

  21. Samira Tahri Quiroga says:

    Elena Casado Elvira

  22. Derri Lewis says:

    Ambs Davies Morgan Abley guess who

  23. Chloe Double says:

    Amy West

  24. Jake Leed says:

    Charlie Mason

  25. Lisa Harmby says:

    Chris Edgcumbe this is the picture I was on about 😀 x

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