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READING & LEEDS FESTIVAL NEWS: Camp at Leeds 2019 & have some home comforts in our Pink Moon Village which …

Latest Festival Flyer update from Reading and Leeds Festivals

Leeds Festival


Camp at Leeds 2019 & have some home comforts in our Pink Moon Village which offers pitched tents, Luxury Lodges & more! 🏕 You’ll also get access to luxury toilets, luxury showers, pamper stations & FREE phone charging! 👌 More info at https://goo.gl/vQJn8S


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6 days ago

Leeds Festival

Piccadilly Party crew 💛 💥 you went HARD! ... See MoreSee Less

Piccadilly Party crew 💛 💥 you went HARD!Image attachment


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Izzy Burrow

Melissa Cullen Melissa McCulloch Charlie Elmes Dara Glynn Ciara Grady Millie Walton Macca Kemp Kai Hardcastle the best

Paul Kidd

Jessica Hyde cxx

Megan Cully Lauren Fitzsimmons miss cutting shapes down here

Danny Learmont

Quiana Leigh 💔

Letaya Khan Megane Siakeu amount of times we nearly fell over in there 🙃😩😂

No poolof stinking mud this year - was t quite the same ! 😂

Ryan Maloy dreamland

Trinity Halstead 🥰🥰

Leighton Judges Benn Carter Tom Parton Kieran Adlington Jack Jennings didnt seem like this many people

That’s the TPD TV crowd ❤️

Nathan Shaw


Rebecca Sarah Wilson Stacey Andrews

Lee Fishwick

Best part of Leeds Lee Daymond

Tpd fuckin tv

Alice Higgs

Danny Oliver 😎👌

TPD ☀️🍋

Jodi Watkins literally did

Jake Hicks

Kailan just wanna be back there

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4 days ago

Reading Festival

Fresh from the release of their brand-new EP, serene indie four-piece Wild Front took to the stage at the Carlsberg Danish Quarter for a sun-soaked set of blissful indie bangers. 🍻☀️
Read more 👉 music.carlsberg.co.uk/wild-front-go-danish-reading
... See MoreSee Less


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Yeah Carlsberg

I loved the Danish Quarter 😍

5 years at this damn festival you're god damn right I'm a top fan and I wanna show off the badge


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  1. I had a pink mood tipi last year. It did not have all the tent pegs, it had 5 holes which i covered had to cover with plasters. It was single layer and let all the rain through. Full of mould and spiders and all our stuff was soaked and foisty. Disgusting!

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