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Reading Festival updated their cover photo.

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Reading Festival updated their cover photo.

Reading Festival updated their cover photo.



25 Responses

  1. Theo Pritchard says:

    James Ellis gram it

  2. Jodie Betton says:

    Anna Merricks Esme Hughes Tallulah Thomas

  3. Helen McFly says:

    Jack shiiiiit 😀

  4. Neil Steyn says:

    Looks way better without that Vodafone tower in the middle

  5. Fløpsy Way says:

    I wanna go back I wanna go back #postReadingblues

  6. Hannah Bradfield says:

    Hannah Websdale this is how many ppl were watchin n we still got to the front xo

  7. Luca La Guardia says:

    Giovanni Marzola alla fine eravamo delle formiche che non hanno mai smesso di sognare

  8. Caitlin Cross says:

    Jem Walker-Browning

  9. Andrew Hughes says:


  10. James Williamson says:

    Kieran Hawkins seeing this picture is making me hate life even more today

  11. Nicholas Purvis says:


  12. Emma Roberts says:


  13. Tyler Hallows says:

    Ross Phelps wow

  14. Anji Palmer says:

    Daymon Palmer

  15. Leah Thornton-Lane says:

    Erin Nash Kayleigh Price Hallam Corbett-Jones I wanna go back so bad

  16. Isabell Magjur says:

    It was sooooooo amazing <3 <3 <3

  17. Ben Dukes says:

    Chris Rooney thought you said it wasn’t busy??!!

  18. Cameron Moore says:

    Tara Richardson

  19. Will Jones says:

    Hope you did something about recycling this mess?! https://www.facebook.com/fwrdtogether/?pnref=story

  20. Elaine Goddard says:

    You and the Goddards were in there somewhere Charlie!

  21. Lori Harper says:

    Bayleigh-Mae Harper

  22. Kit Chambers says:

    Kai Penfold

  23. Jay Kelly says:

    Samuel Jacob

  24. Kelsey Sowerby says:

    Micaela Sowerby

  25. Jayanth Nag says:

    Aashish Shishvaak

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